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Thelma Uranga ringing in the New Year with her booty shakin' music!

Thelma Uranga ringing in the New Year with her booty shakin’ music!

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Photo courtesy of Mark and Angel

Photo courtesy of Mark and Angel

Mujeres Maravillosas On The Move – 2013

Stories-to-Tell-2Are you wondering where the year went? I know I am. While it’s been a blur for me filled with ups, downs, and side-to-sides I can say that Latinas are doing fantastic work telling our stories in Chicago. I wanted to take a moment to recognize these women who inspire, create, and tell our stories fiercely in a variety of mediums. Please note this is not in any order. These are women I’ve made note of in my head because in one way or another they  inspire me to write. It’s important to recognize that these ladies bust their ass everyday of the year to make our stories happen.  They strengthen the Latino community through their work in the arts, media, community organizing, and creating spaces for stories to take root. Gracias Mujeres Maravillosas!

Irene Tostado, La Raza Newspaper

Moira Pujols, Contratiempo

Diana Galicia, La Catrina Cafe

Coya Paz, Free Street Theatre

Maria Zamudio, The Chicago Reporter

Paloma Martinez-Cruz, Writer & Editor of Rebeldes Anthology

Irasema Gonzalez, Writer / ElevArte Community Studio

Thelma Uranga, Los Sunny Daze

Patricia Carlos, Carlos Theatre Productions

Stephanie Manriquez, FMEL/Contratiempo

Tanya Saracho, Screenwriter

Luz Chavez, Editor,

Stephanie Diaz Reppen, Writer / Actor

Mayra López, Immigration Community Organizer, TRP

Diana Solis, Visual Artist

Gisela Orozco, Journalist, VivaloHoy

Adriana Gallardo, Story Corp.

Marilyn Camacho, Founder of a Latinos in Film Think Tank

Giselle Mercier, ElevArte Community Studio

Christina Rodriguez, Curator, Expo Collective

Hope you will support their creative efforts in 2014! Feliz Año Nuevo to all of you from Proyecto Latina and I wish you much  joy, abundance, and challenge you to take leaps of faith with your writing.  -abrazotes fuerts, Diana Pando




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