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Its Superbowl Sunday–we hope the team you’re rooting for wins–we are happy to share a couple of touchdowns of our own this week. First, make sure to check out our most recent audio essay, The Firefighter’s Hat by Yolanda Cardenas–the story generated some encouraging comment feedback and we were also happy to see it tweeted by Fire Daily a Chicago portal for and by firefighters. Second, we are also happy to introduce Proyecto Latina alumna, Thelma Uranga as our newest contributor. Thelma is a photographer and Stitch y Bitch founder and she will be helping us with photo assignments. Her first is the portrait at the top of this post, Ruth Guerra our February 15th, 2010 feature–event details coming soon.

Now, our weekly roundup:

Leading health concerns for Latinas
Via Wise Latinas Linked we found out that: Breast cancer is the number one cancer killer of Latinas, most of it due to late detection, their post features an organization in California that aims to change that. Another leading hazard is heart disease, according to the American Heart Association, via My Latino Voice, Hispanic women on average develop heart disease ten years earlier than their Caucasian counterparts. On a more positive note, Spanish-speaking mothers are creating an advantage for their children–they’re turning off the t.v.

Bolivia tackles gender equality in government
One new appointment as a result of these efforts is Nemecia Achacollo, a 39-year-old mother and grandmother who rose through farmworkers unions, was recently tapped to become minister of land and rural development just days after she became a member of congress.

Literary Latinas
Editorial consultant Marcela Landres interviews founding publisher of Palabra Magazine, elena minor. Palabra is a Chicano and Latino literary magazine, check out their guidelines and consider submitting your work. Author Zetta Elliott took an innovative approach to publishing her novel, A Wish After Midnight, about a black-Latina teen who travels back in time.

Also of note…
The cover story for Cafe Magazine this month is Blacktino, the issue includes profiles of people and families living the Afro-Latino experience including local freelance curator and DJ Sadie Woods. We’re kind of bummed that we can’t link you to the stories but you can find free copies of this magazaine at various distribution points throughout the city–I usually grab a copy in Pilsen.

Proyecto Latina welcomes Stitch y Bitch

Proyecto Latina welcomes Stitch y Bitch

This month Proyecto Latina features Thelma Uranga, founder of Pilsen’s Stitch y Bitch and an enthusiastic knitter that’s building community while cranking out scarves and hats. Knitting / crocheters are encouraged to bring their projects to work on and/or donate a swatch for the Stitch y Bitch projects: a knit piñata and/or knit graffiti. As always we will have an open mic and the chisme box.

A few weeks ago we interviewed Thelma Uranga about the Stitch y Bitch. Listen to her interview.

Monday, November 16 @ 7PM
Proyecto Latina Reading Series – FREE!
Radio Arte
1401 W. 18th Street

#18th St./60 Blue Island Bus Blue Line 18th St. stop

El stitch y bitch was recently invited to present at Pecha Kucha Champaign-Urbana. Pecha Kucha is an international event in which creatives are invited to present their media in six minutes and forty seconds: 20 slides, 20 seconds per slide. El stitch y bitch’s presentation deals with the idea of knitting in communities and on them. For this Proyecto Latina night el stitch y bitch will re-play their PK presentation. El Stitch y Bitch is a culturally diverse knitting group created by Thelma Uranga & Stephanie Manriquez. Together they envisioned bringing a space to the Pilsen neighborhood where people of all backgrounds could come together and knit, drink coffee, bitch, learn from each other and indulge in lots and lots of colorful yarn. Since then, knitting in coffee shops, galleries, parks and the occasional knit graffiti have become the norm for this group of knitters, hookers and crafters.

Thank you to our community partner Radio Arte 90.5 FM for hosting us!
Thelma Uranga: knitting graffiti in Pilsen

Thelma Uranga: knitting graffiti in Pilsen

“It should be something cultural, it should define us but it should be open to anyone who wants to join,” The 27 year-old Thelma Uranga says about her knitting circle El Stitch y Bitch. About a year and a half ago Thelma’s creative urge led her to pick up knitting needles and start purling, she went on to make hats and scarfs and ultimately create the community of knitters that lacked in her part of town. They meet in Pilsen and Little Village cafes and occasionally venture out with knitted swatches to make statements on Pilsen streets that puts a new spin on graffiti.

Thelma tells us how it all started (4:01)

Knitting statements (6:01)

Hook up with El Stitch y Bitch (1:37)

Connect with El Stitch y Bitch here, here and on:
Wed., Sept. 2nd from 7 to 9 p.m. @ Catedral Cafe, 2500 S. Christiana, Chicago.

interview by Ericka Sanchez