Directorial debut @ S-e-x-oh! remix

Directorial debut @ S-e-x-oh! remix

Erika Sanchez, our correspondent for Proyecto Latina Radio show is spending her spring break in Ireland and we hope she’s enjoying herself and drinking a Guiness or two. As she was packing to leave for her big trip, she dashed out to Berwyn’s 16th Street Theater to interview Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz–its a directorial debut for both ladies with the production of S-e-x-oh! the remix. Listen to Ericka’s interview with both ladies.

Part I: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 3:47

Part II: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 2:22

Part III: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 3:07

Part IV: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 4:17

Part V: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 4:33

S-e-x-oh! the remix runs through March 29th. You can get ticket and show details here.

interview by Ericka Sanchez

TL Chicas Talk S-E-X-OH!

TL Chicas Talk S-E-X-OH!

Everyone needs a little S-E-X-OH in their life…

This month Proyecto Latina gives your ear some stimulation. Proyecto Latina Radio Correspondent Erick Sanchez had an opportunity to interview co-directors Dana Cruz and Yadira Correa. From what I hear she had a blast interviewing them on the remount of of S-E-X-Oh.

Check back for more details on when the interview will air. Your ears will thank you for it. Proyecto Latina Radio airs every Sunday at 6 p.m. on WRTE 90.5 F.M. We will also be posting the audio here.

I saw the show the first time it was produced and really enjoyed it. I’m excited to see the new cast which features a new crop of Latina Talent: Stephanie Gentry Fernandez, Hannah Gomez, Diane Herrera, Christina Nieves, Maria Enriquez, and Selene Mojica

Originally produced to great acclaim and sold-out houses, S-E-X-Oh! is Teatro Luna’s fourth original ensemble built show, taking up the intersections between sex, gender, and latinidad. Based on Teatro Luna’s true life stories, plus a few strategic re-imaginings, S-E-X-Oh! takes aim at sexuality in irreverent and fearless Teatro Luna fashion: Anything from the Virgin Mary, to Biblical Stories; from Video Games to Trader Joe’s is up for grabs.

The production runs through March 6 -29
16th Street Theater in the Berwyn Cultural Center, 6420 16th Street, Berwyn
For reservations log on to and