Dominizuelans: gearing-up to be comedy bosses

Dominizuelans: gearing-up to be comedy bosses

Watch out world Wendy Mateo and Lori Diaz, the masterminds of Tall Hispanic-Short Hispanic Productions, have grand plans, “Latina comedians…we want to be the boss of it and more.” With roots in New York and Florida, the pair moved to Chicago and made their Windy City debut last summer as Dominizuelans, the pen name they coined when writing their show, People in the City–a production that has earned raving reviews and is up for a second run that will open on New Years eve and run through the end of February 2010.

Proyecto Latina correspondent, Ericka Sanchez, recently caught up with Wendy and Lori and talked about their work and creative process. Listen to that conversation below

Wendy & Lori 1: The path to doing what you love. (3:50)

Wendy & Lori 2: Creative Boundries: The risks of writing about friends and family…and yourself? (2:49)

Wendy & Lori 3: Smiling faces and cultural lessons (4:22)

Wendy & Lori 4: Future plans: a production company and a new play (5:05)

Interview and photo by Ericka Sanchez

Thelma Uranga: knitting graffiti in Pilsen

Thelma Uranga: knitting graffiti in Pilsen

“It should be something cultural, it should define us but it should be open to anyone who wants to join,” The 27 year-old Thelma Uranga says about her knitting circle El Stitch y Bitch. About a year and a half ago Thelma’s creative urge led her to pick up knitting needles and start purling, she went on to make hats and scarfs and ultimately create the community of knitters that lacked in her part of town. They meet in Pilsen and Little Village cafes and occasionally venture out with knitted swatches to make statements on Pilsen streets that puts a new spin on graffiti.

Thelma tells us how it all started (4:01)

Knitting statements (6:01)

Hook up with El Stitch y Bitch (1:37)

Connect with El Stitch y Bitch here, here and on:
Wed., Sept. 2nd from 7 to 9 p.m. @ Catedral Cafe, 2500 S. Christiana, Chicago.

interview by Ericka Sanchez

August – Proyecto Latina

August – Proyecto Latina

August brings sunshine, barbecues and Proyecto Latina! This month we are featuring Proyecto emerging writer and Chicago Public School teacher Ericka Sanchez. A few years back, I met Ericka at one of our Proyecto Latina readings and thought what a fabulous storyteller.

When Ericka isn’t in the trenches of the the public school system she is our Proyecto Latina correspondent doing interviews with Latinas making an impact in our community. You can also thank Ericka for the chisme box!

As an emerging writer Ericka will be sharing some hilarious and reflective new work that hopefully will inspire you to pick up the pen or keyboard and write. –Diana Pando

This month’s August Proyecto Latina will take place at Monday, August 17 @ 7PM:

Cedahlia’s 1010 -12 S Western
Chicago, IL 60608 (312) 733-0885
Street Parking Available

Our friend Jesse Iniquez has generously donated his space.

Ericka Sanchez is a transplant from Mexico, raised in one of the cultural meccas for Mexicanos, Little Village. Her current incarnation as a school teacher by day allows her to run rampant for her love of photography, writing and crafting, music and movie obsessions as well as supporting fellow Latinas and their creative imaginings! Erick is currently a Proyecto Latina Correspondent.

Directorial debut @ S-e-x-oh! remix

Directorial debut @ S-e-x-oh! remix

Erika Sanchez, our correspondent for Proyecto Latina Radio show is spending her spring break in Ireland and we hope she’s enjoying herself and drinking a Guiness or two. As she was packing to leave for her big trip, she dashed out to Berwyn’s 16th Street Theater to interview Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz–its a directorial debut for both ladies with the production of S-e-x-oh! the remix. Listen to Ericka’s interview with both ladies.

Part I: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 3:47

Part II: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 2:22

Part III: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 3:07

Part IV: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 4:17

Part V: Interview with Yadira Correa and Dana Cruz, 4:33

S-e-x-oh! the remix runs through March 29th. You can get ticket and show details here.

interview by Ericka Sanchez