Look for Camille & Esther @ Renegade this weekend

Look for Camille & Esther @ Renegade this weekend

If you are making it out to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. Take note and make sure to swing by and check out the work that a couple of crafting Latinas from the Chicago area will be presenting.

“If you love what you do, why not live off of it?” Esther Ramirez, the artist behind Essimar Papel also wants her stationery products to be a household name one day. She’s well on her way there, her line of hand made limited run cards can be found in 59 boutiques throughout the U.S. and Europe. Esther, 28, began her love affair with paper when she was a child and didn’t get the fanciest notebooks during back-to-school shopping, she took it upon herself to begin collaging the covers with magazine and newspapers cut-outs. Paper is Esther’s main arsenal, and her methods include hand pulled screen printing, hand dye cutting, hand mache, and collage . You can find her booth this weekend at the Renegade Craft fair where she will have an offering of items that include paper maché pins, handmade limited/in series cards, and papel picado.

Camille Canales, owner of La Otra Camilla, is making her Craft fair debut at Renegade this weekend. Camille, 25, moved to Chicago from Texas over five years ago and is a graduate from the School of the Art Institute. A painter and textile artist, she currently teaches screen-printing and embroidery at Lillstreet Art Center. “I love making things with my hands,” she explains and often takes on the challenge of recreating her paintings into a skilled embroidery piece. Although, her most recent collection of q-tip confetti prints—inspired by a dream—is a fun departure from labor intensive embroidery and embellishments she enjoys. Her booth this weekend will feature new paintings and drawings, along with craft items with select images from the art environments she creates, they include pillows, totes, scarves, and prints, as well as some kid wear and pet items.

Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago
September 12 and 13
11a.m. – 7p.m.
on Division St. between Damen Ave. and Paulina St.

Feeling inspired? Renegade Craft Fair is currently taking applications for their holiday sale. Get details here.

The MáS Memoir Writing Workshop

The MáS Memoir Writing Workshop

Well, the lazy days of summer are almost over and with September around the corner it’s time to flex those writing muscles. Next month Ana Castillo returns to the Windy City to offer her Más Writing Workshop. Irasema Gonzalez, Coya Paz, Yolanda Cardenas and I had an opportunity to take her last writing workshop. It was thought provoking and very useful for anyone wanting to write memoir.

“We’ll write from our hearts and our minds. And then, we’ll learn to get rid of all the sentimentality and leave on the page what is important for the reader to know about your memoir”. -Ana Castillo

This workshop welcomes back previous participants. It will include first time participants. Together, you’ll take a look at writing-in-progress, learn workshop method and discuss new writing tips and techniques.

Sunday, Sept. 20 – 10AM to 2PM – Location TBA.

In memoir, the reader must be persuaded that the narrator is writing honestly, whether or not he/she is, is secondary. It doesn’t matter as much ‘what happened’ as what you make of what you remember may have happened.The workshop will consist of exercises, which help us to know how to get started when desiring to work on a memoir essay.

Persons interested must submit 1 pg writing sample to apply.18 yrs. and up.

All Inquiries and to Apply:

Email: anacastilloworkshops@gmail.com Cost: $175 per person Limit only 15 per workshop * Exact locations and times will be given once applicant has been accepted.

Of Summer Time and South Side Literary Landscaper Irasema Gonzalez

Of Summer Time and South Side Literary Landscaper Irasema Gonzalez

Little Village Literary Landscaper Irasema Gonzalez Is Featured In July Proyecto Latina Reading Series

Join Us It’s FREE on July 20th @7pm in Little Village

In a neighborhood on the South Side of the city that often gets over looked and arts funding is next to nonexistent Proyecto Latina will host its first reading series in Little Village to reach out to Latinas of all ages and encourage them to come out and share their own writing about their lives and neighborhood.

The feature includes local writer and Little Village resident, Irasema Gonzalez, on Monday, July 20th at 7pm at the Chicago Public Library Toman Branch, FREE and open to the public.

She will be sharing her reflections on growing up in the Little Village and what it means to be a woman in that part of the city. “I am really hoping that Little Village writers (I know they’re out there and I want to meet them) come out to join me in sharing their work through our open mic,” says writer Irasema Gonzalez.

Irasema Gonzalez is a writer and merchant. She is the owner of Tianguis.biz the current incarnation of her former book and teashop in Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood”which is also the exclusive distributor for Momotombo Press. She is passionate about books that tell the stories of the Latino community. Also, a founding member of the Proyecto Latina reading series and the co-producer for the Proyecto Latina Radio Show at Radio Arte. Her poems appeared in the Ariel XXVIII (Triton College, 2009), Afternoon Wine: Vicios, Sueños y Confesiones (Maravilla Writing Collective’s chapbook, 2006), and in Between the Heart and the Land: An Anthology of Midwestern Latina Poets by March Abrazo Press, 2000. She has presented featured readings at venues throughout the city including: Palabra Pura, the Sor Juana festival and Poetry Fest at the Chicago Public Library. She is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where she earned a B.A. in journalism and creative writing. She resides in Little Village with her family and is giddy about hosting and featuring at Proyecto Latina in La Villita this July.

The reading will be Monday, July 20 at 7pm (FREE) at the Chicago Public Library Toman Branch 2708 S. Pulaski Road Chicago, IL 60623 – (312) 498-4067 / Street Parking Available/60 Blue Island Bus / 31st S. Pulaski Bus

Proyecto Latina provides a platform to showcase work by Latina writers, poets and performers. In its fourth year, the reading series takes place the third Monday of every month, it includes a feature, an open mic and a chisme box! Proyecto Latina proudly features emerging and established artists like: Lisa Alvarado (Poet), Achy Obejas (Writer),Coya Paz (Poet/Performance Artist) Yolanda Cardenas (Poet), Vida Bella Ensemble (Performance) Stephanie Elizondo Griest(Author), Tanya Saracho (Playwright) Liz Ann Acosta (Writer) and many more!

Over the Rainbow with Tania Unzueta & Edith Bucio

Over the Rainbow with Tania Unzueta & Edith Bucio

Listen to two Chicago queer Latinas honor their history and identities by paving the path to create more visibility for the triumphs and struggles of their communities.

Tania Unzueta shares history and thoughts on the move of the Chicago Dyke March to Pilsen and what it meant personally that the march was arriving to the community she lives and works in.

Tania Unzueta, 14:37

Edith Bucio is the June 2009 feature for Proyecto Latina. She speaks to us about being a queer Latina writer in Chicago and her work as a volunteer with the Chicago Dyke March.

Edith Bucio

Interview by Irasema Gonzalez.

Zulema Ortiz: a new brand of All American patriotism

Zulema Ortiz: a new brand of All American patriotism

Proyecto Latina interviews Zulema Ortiz, the 2009 Young Visionary award recipient for the 2009 Sor Juana Achievement award. A 20 year-old college-student, Zulema patriotically refers to the only country she ever remembers living in as,“the land of opportunity, where anything is possible.” That’s the attitude that Zulema adopted although she lacked the nine essential digits of a social security number, and found creative ways to finance college and pursue a higher education. She’s paving the way towards her dreams and with confidence declares that, “the Dream Act will be passed.”

Part I: Zulema Ortiz, 5:57

Part II: Zulema Ortiz, 5:26

Part III: Zulema Ortiz, 7:41

Links and resources:
Latinos Progresando
Big Picture High School, Back of the Yards, Chicago
Close Up
The Road Less Traveled
The Dream Act

Interview by Irasema Gonzalez

Michelle Otero: An open heart and writing to heal

Michelle Otero: An open heart and writing to heal

Proyecto Latina had the pleasure of featuring Michelle Otero, author of Malinche’s Daughter this past February. Before Michelle boarded a plane back home to the Southwest, I had the opportunity to sit down and talk to her about life as an author and her approach to her craft.

Part I: Writing journey and the universal story, 9:37

Part II: Writing a book that heals and opening our heart when creating, 9:59

WEB BONUS: Morning pages, 3:00

Interview by Irasema Gonzalez