Did You Get Your Copy Of Rebeldes: A Proyecto Latina Anthology?

Cover art by Diana Solis, "Mama Bird," hand-cut paper, 2009

Cover art by Diana Solis, “Mama Bird,” hand-cut paper, 2009


Our book launch of Rebeldes: A Proyecto Latina Anthology was released this week. We thank everyone who joined us to celebrate this wonderful literary accomplishment! Special thanks to all of our Madrinas y Padrinos who helped make this possible. It filled me with lots of joy to see everyone smiling as they  walked away with their copy of our  much anticipated anthology.

It was truly a beautiful blessing to come together to share our stories, tell a little chisme and drink some wine. We hope that those of you who have purchased the book will feel empowered to tell your stories.

For those of you that didn’t get a chance to make it out and want a copy of the book you can order it online via Paypal.

 What makes this book unique is that it contains the writing and artwork of 26 Latinas and a cameo appearance by our Chisme Box. Some of the themes that appear in the book include: gender, sexuality, family, identity, culture and is written in English, Spanish and Spanglish. The writers included in this anthology range from women in their 20′s all the way to their 70′s reflecting a diversity of work being created by Latinas!




Our beautiful Madrina de Papel y Tinta Vanessa Alvarez

Our beautiful Madrina de Papel y Tinta Vanessa Alvarez


Books are on sale for $15.00.

You can place your order via the buy now button below.

Please include a full mailing address, phone # and email. If you have issues placing your order please email: diana@proyectolatina.org.

Please note all sales are final no refunds.

All orders will be mailed on Saturdays standard mail.





Ten Writing Tips In Celebration of The Flower Sun

This week I was recalling the recent discovery of a Mayan Warrior Queen in Guatemala named Lady Ka’bel.  I am fascinated that thousands of years later she has emerged to tell her story through Mayan hieroglyphics and sculpture.

During her time, she was the supreme ruler of the region with more power than even her hubby. I wanted to share that nugget of Pre-Columbian history to encourage you to reign supreme over your own creativity. On Friday, December 21 we close out the Mayan era of 13 Bak’tun. I’m excited for us collectively and individually to shift into a new era of creativity and transformation because we are mujeres de tinta y papel amate; urban scribes tapping into our higher selves and telling stories in primera voz.

According to poet Francisco X. Alarcon the “Nahuatl calendar corresponds to the date “Four Flower” (Nahui Xochitl). In the Nahuatl tradition this new era is identified as the “Flower Sun” (Xochitonatiuh).” We all have stories to tell and it’s just a matter of digging deep and listening to our inner writing warrior queen to get our stories on the page. As we enter this new cycle, I’m looking forward to reading and hearing your stories in whatever medium they appear. Lastly, below are some quick tips to kick start your writing endeavors. Feliz Flower Sun!

Ten tips in celebration of the Flower Sun:

  • Prioritize your writing or risk becoming your own creative apocalypse
  • Writer’s block? Shake it off and keep writing.
  • Get out of your own way and own your story
  • Take responsibility for your writing life
  • Participate in writing meet ups or create your own
  • Take creative risk and get out of your comfort zone
  • Read things that nurture your creative spirit
  • Support a reading series or start your own reading series
  • Encourage other writers to write
  • Ask yourself, “How am I walking in this world as a writer?”

Stay tuned for Proyecto Latina writing meet ups in the New Year.






Niñas Buenas y Mujeres Modernas

I grew up in a strange family. My parents were (are) leftist radical multinationals who believed, at least in theory, in overturning dominant structures. For example – my mother doesn’t support gay marriage. This isn’t a homophobic stance–she loves me and my partner– but an anti-institution-of-marriage stance. Never mind that she’s been married twice… that’s another story!


From Knitting To Photography

From Knitting To Photography

We wanted to take a moment to formally welcome our newest Proyecto Latina team member Thelma Uranga. Last year, we featured her and now she is back as our photographer. She’s getting ready to take off to Guadalajara, MX for some fun and photography and will return with a photo narrative of her trip.

Thelma Uranga is a photographer interested in the tensions inherent when looking at cultural identity within contemporary American society. Thelma received a BA in Studio Art/Photography from Illinois State University in 2008. During her time in Bloomington-Normal, her photographic work focused on the area’s youth and their cultural duality as children of immigrant parents living in America. In 2008, Thelma was recognized by the Center for Visual Arts at Illinois State University when she received the University Galleries Award in Photography at the Student Annual. In 2007, she participated in the Pilsen Open Studio and in the summer of 2009, Thelma served on the teaching staff at Yollocalli Arts Reach, a youth initiative of the National Museum of Mexican Art. Thelma is also an avid knitter; she is the co-founder and main organizer of El Stitch y Bitch: a multi-cultural knitting circle that collectively creates large-scale projects and public works. Currently, Thelma is exploring cultural identity on a personal level through fiber-based installation works and is also interested in documenting the current state of her hometown Cicero, IL, a bustling Latino community.

Contact info:

Proyecto Latina Recap – Ruth On The Rocks

Proyecto Latina Recap – Ruth On The Rocks

If you didn’t get a chance to come to Proyecto Latina this past Monday here is a visual snippet of a hilarious evening with our feature Ruth Guerra. She brought us everything from stories about the tooth fairy to blind dates.

We had a fabulous audience full of great chismes including this one anonymous one:

My acupuncturist says that my uterus is angry because I have not had a baby yet. I think my uterus is being a little unfair.

If you were at Proyecto Latina that evening or at other Proyecto Latina events and had a blast at our event let us know. Send us your comments or feedback at info@proyectolatina.org

Ruth recounting the time she ended up calling the calling the Columbia College radio station and ending up on a hilarious blind date. As I was sitting there watching Ruth do her thing I could help think, “Wow! What a wonderful storyteller Ruth is!”

Ruth Guerra is all smiles with Irasema Gonzalez (left) and myself at Cedahlia’s Café.

If you have suggestions for features you would like to see us present we’d love to hear from you.

Send us in a 100 words or less what makes your feature suggestion so awesome to info@proyectolatina.org

Domingo Newsbytes

Domingo Newsbytes

image via:thisisharmonie.blogspot.com

Well another week has passed us by and hopefully you were able to sleep in a little later and now have a cup of coffee in hand along with your Proyecto Latina Domingo NewsBytes. Here are some links we wanted to share with you. If you see any interesting articles on Latinas send them to us and we will include them in the Sunday round up. Send them to info@proyectolatina.org

Did you know that evasive cervical cancer is most prominent in Latinas than in white women? Find out what the Planned Parenthood in Madison, WI is doing to educate Latinas on cervical and breast cancer.

Could La Llorona have been suffering from post partum depression? Approximately 1 in 10 mothers get the post partum blues after delivering a baby.

Learn To Be A Latina directed by Mary Gúzman is scheduled to open in February as part of Impact Theatre’s season of theatre.

West Coast blogger Cyndi Lu of Loteria Chicana is contemplating some very tasty looking Chilaquiles. Read more!

New to the blogosphere is Veronica Lopez and her Ay Mama blog on Chicago Now. She shares her thoughts on raising kids in Chicago while Chicana On The Edge Regina Rodriguez – Martin writes about her experience getting married while in her 40′s.