05.17.10: Speak Up & Speak Out!

05.17.10: Speak Up & Speak Out!

Next Proyecto Latina is on Monday, May 17, 2010 @ 7 p.m. Cedahlia’s Cafe, 1010-12 S. Western.

This month we are switching things up a little bit,  we are featuring YOU because Proyecto Latina wants you to SPEAK UP & SPEAK OUT! In light of the anti-immigrant legislation passed in Arizona, we are dedicating our 3rd Monday Reading series to creative work that responds to it.  Join us for poems, stories, and personal essays by invited guests, Proyecto Latina cofounders, and most importantly YOU! The Chisme Box is also getting proactive and wants creative solutions to this problem and we know you have ideas.  Dig out your papelitos, dust off your guitar, and bring your journal.  Let’s celebrate our communities and keep the resistance going!

Photo by Thelma Uranga.

One Response to “05.17.10: Speak Up & Speak Out!”

  1. Chennifer says:

    I posted several links to where we can protest against this, on my blog. I’m a Latina living in Sweden, but this is a question about human rights – and those rights are universal!

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