5.16.10 Domingo Newsbytes:

5.16.10 Domingo Newsbytes:

Proyecto Latina is tomorrow Monday, May 17 @ 7pm at Cedhalia’s Café. This month we plan to Speak up & Speak Out so, we’ve changed the format a little because we want to hear from YOU! Make sure to come out and bring your creative responses to Arizona recent legislation.

Our Facebook feeds  and Twitter accounts was exploding this week as Governor Jan Brewer did it again by signing into a law an ethnic studies ban in Arizona. What does this mean? It means no funding for Latino/Mexican studies classes, Native American or African American. Did you take a Latinos in the U.S. history class or another similar class? How did it impact you? Latina Lista’s Ultima Palabra this week features Drs. Jessica Lavariega-Monforti & Adam McGlynn write about the lack of Latino contribution in some college textbooks.

In other news Jessica Colotl, an undocumented Mexican college student, was released this week. During a routine traffic stop she was arrested for not having a U.S. driver’s license.

Ever notice how there doesn’t seem to be enough Latinos in print and broadcast media? Well a nonprofit called Global Girl Media hopes to change that by providing training and experience to young women in GGM’s pilot project, called KICK IT UP!, is based in Soweto, South Africa where 20 girls will be trained in media and how to report on the 2010 FIFA World Cup. At the same time, in Los Angeles, California, GGM has just launched the sister project to KICK IT UP! Called the Global Girl Media Academy. Hopefully, this program will inspire these young women to go into media and report news that matters.


Achy Obejas of Partner Dance Press invites you to submit to a new anthology coming out. The deadline is June 15 so start typing away or if you already have something to submit do it now. It’s a great opportunity!  Here is snippet of what they are looking for: Self-identified women writers, composers, performers and text-based artists under 40 currently living in Chicago to submit work for consideration in a new online text-based anthology. Read more…

Also, want to be part of a new web series? Well Sandra Rapale is scouting for talent for her new web series Bela La Agente. Rapale says, “I want to give an opportunity for talented and funny Latino actors to submit their headshot, resume, and reel for the upcoming episodes.”  The only requirement is that the actor/actress be extremely comfortable with improvisation. Send your information and/or links to lala@lalisima.com

Do you have a story idea or have you come across a news link that’s about Latinas or issue that impacts the Latina community and their families? Share it with us at info@proyectolatina.org

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