05.23.10 Domingo Newsbytes

05.23.10 Domingo Newsbytes

We dedicated our most recent Proyecto Latina, this past Monday, to responding to Arizona’s anti-immigration legislation.  It was a night of catharsis, everyone was welcomed and encouraged to speak-up–some of us vented, some responded with poetry, and others shared more personal stories that these recent developments have unearthed from our memory.  We had youth from the Immigration Youth Justice League join us and share their stories–they are a talented group of  courageous youth that include college students making great efforts and sacrifices to obtain a higher education.   The evening turned out to be longer than usual, we had a lot to say, and we hope the conversation is just getting started.

While we were meeting at Cedahlia’s, something HUGE was happening in Arizona and it included Chicago native Tania Unzueta.  She was joined by three other students: Lizbeth Mateo, Yahaira Carrillo and Mohammad Abdollahi in staging a sit-in at John McCain’s office.  You can read more about all of them here, as well as see a feed of news stories of students mobilizing across the country for the successful passage of the Dream Act.

Its been an inspiring week of muscle-flexing from students. Hundreds of  Chicago high school students walked-out of classes on Friday in response to Arizona’s law and to push for immigration reform.  In another related story an unnamed student warned Obama: “We’re turning 18…We’re here to say, if you don’t pass immigration reform now… there will be no re-election.”

And then there’s the Maryland second grader that posed that off-topic question to Michelle Obama.  I got chills and watching the video made me terribly sad, U.S. Rep., Luis Gutierrez couldn’t have put it better,  “Little girls in second grade should be worried about how many dolls they have or what song they’re going to sing, not whether the government is going to deport their mom.”

I hope these students continue to speak-up and adults can follow their lead.  Its necessary to be the voice of our own community whether we are talking about immigration reform, or that big mess that threatens people world-wide and across all borders.

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