Alicia Ponce leads the way to greener living

Alicia Ponce leads the way to greener living

At 6 years old, Alicia Ponce–a tom-boy that didn’t mind getting dirty while playing with dirt and rocks–observed her uncle, a civil engineer, directing at a construction site and got hooked on architecture. Three years ago Alicia founded ap.MonArch, an architecture, interior design, and green consulting firm. She talks to us about the challenges that led her to becoming self-employed–including a corporate structure where colleagues refused to learn the proper pronunciation of an ethnic name but conveniently dropped it into proposals to appear ‘diverse’. She’s passionate about green construction and design and also talks to us about her love of building and creating and being an educator at Columbia College Chicago–a job that she says, “keeps me on my toes.”

Alicia Ponce, 1 of 2, 7:04

Alicia Ponce, 2 of 2, 7:29

interview: Liza Ann Acosta. photo: Thelma Uranga.

2 Responses to “Alicia Ponce leads the way to greener living”

  1. Jasmin Cardenas says:

    Loved this interview! Love hearing from other creative Latina’s in Chicago doing important work. Thank you for keeping the voices diverse even within the Latina artist category!! Alicia is paving a new path, hoping new young Latina’s might get excited about this field and follow suit! The more the merrier!

  2. Diana Pando says:

    Jasmin, thank you for your comment. We really appreciate it. Proyecto Latina strives to spotlight Latinas in the arts and beyond that are impacting our communities. Please share the interview with you networks.

    Best wishes, Diana Pando

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