08.08.10: Domingo Newsbytes…

08.08.10: Domingo Newsbytes…

Photo credit: Lea Nuñez

On Friday I strolled over to the Tejer y Poder showcase put together by students of the six-week program led by our very own Irasema Gonzalez and Thelma Uranga at at Dvorak Park in the Pilsen neighborhood. The program consisted of 30 students, both teenage girls and boys, coming together to learn to knit, crochet, and work collectively on fiber arts and learn that both can be used a form of art and protest. I was blown away by the effort the students put into their projects.

It made me reflect on the wonderful things that happen when you give kids an opportunity to put their creative skills to use.  In a time when jobs for youth are scarce this creative After School Matters program gave these students an opportunity to gain new creative skills, empowerment and let them tell their stories through an array of colorful yarn.

We are super excited to hear that Café Magazine is planning to do a story on Thelma Uranga ( photographer, knitting expert, Stitchy Bitch Organizer and Proyecto Latina Team Member).  We first did an interview with Thelma in November of 2009 and we are happy to see other local media getting hip to the awesome work she and the Stich y Bitch are doing.  They are knitting a whole Día de los Muertos Alter for the National Museum of Mexican Art exhibit in September. Imagine knitting a whole altar!

Also, we welcome Sandra Treviño, our first guest curator, for Proyecto Latina this month. Join us on  Monday, August 16th @ 7pm, we are back at Cafe Catedral in Little Village.  Sandra has some musical surprises that are going to take the stage–we will be posting more information on them later this week so check back soon.

And now to Latinas in the news this week…In 2012 my niece is turning 15 and she is considering having a Quinceñera. I’ve already started saving my pennie–just in case or maybe I should consider the Quinceñera contest sponsored by Verizon. I confess I have no idea why folks need to spend $45,000.00 on a Quinceñera.  In my opinion, while Quinceñera’s are a wonderful part of our culture the focus needs to be on education not a $45,000 Quinceñera. Latina high school students can barely make it out of high school!

Maybe, Verizon can create a $45,000.00 fund for education or a program that deters teenage Latinas from committing suicide. Our friend Reyna Amaya over at Gozamos wrote a piece Too Young To Die on the recent spike of Latina teen suicides in our communities. A few months ago we posted some resources for Latinas in case you know of a young Latina who is struggling please share them with others.

And a truly sad story to come across is that of women in Guanajuato Mexico that are in desperate need of resources, advocates and a healthy dose of justice–there are several serving sentences of 25 to 30 years. Their crime: they are convicted of homicide for having abortions.

And finally, an opportunity: The Fire this Time Fund is now accepting applications for funding! Open to Chicago artists, educators and organizers seeking modest support for their creative social change projects APPLY TODAY!

The Fire This Time Fund is Proyecto Latina’s first funder and we thank them for taking the leap of faith. Their funding has impacted our growth and our ability to pay our features and maintain our website.

Have a comment or thought on this week’s Domingo Newsbytes? Let us know we’d love to hear from you. Just drop us a line in the comment section!

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  1. Xenia says:

    I agree that the money for quinceneras should be used toward educational efforts…they’re pretty & all, but pretty only gets you so far in this world

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