Hungry Woman In Chicago

Hungry Woman In Chicago

Proyecto Latina just found out about an AWESOME event hosted by the National Museum of Mexican Art. We are thrilled to have Josefina Lopez, acclaimed author of the play and successful film Real Women Have Curves, present her latest work Hungry Woman in Paris.

The event is this Friday and best of all you save a few bucks for drinks afterwards because this event is FREE. Yes, another FREE AND FABULOUS event for you! Spread the word and swing by and support Josefina Lopez’s new book. If you are interested in the book they will probably have them there day of or you can always contact Tianguis Online Bookstore for your order.

Friday, March 27 -FREE
Complimentary reception-6pm, Program-7pm
National Museum of Mexican Art
1852 W. 19th Street
Chicago, IL 60608

Hungry Woman in Paris follows the story of a journalist and activist, Canela who believes passion is essential to life; but lately passion seems to be in short supply. It has disappeared from her relationship with her fiancé, who is more interested in controlling her than encouraging her. It’s absent from her work, where censorship and politics keep important stories from being
published. And while her family is full of outspoken individuals, the only one Canela can truly call passionate is her cousin and best friend Luna, who just took her own life.

Canela can’t recover from Luna’s death. She is haunted by her ghost and feels acute pain for the dreams that went unrealized. Cooking school is a sensual and spiritual reawakening that brings back Canela’s hunger for life. With a series of new friends and lovers, she learns to once again savor the world around her.

About the Author:
Josefina has had more than eighty productions of her plays throughout the United States. In addition, Josefina is also a poet, performer, designer, lecturer of Women¹s Studies, and Chicano theater and film and has won numerous awards and accolades for her work.

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