What drives the art and work of Giselle Mercier?

What drives the art and work of Giselle Mercier?

Proyecto Latina interviews Giselle Mercier, an artist and arts educator with a culturally rich and multi-disciplinary approach to curriculum development in youth arts. Giselle is also an installation artist who draws inspiration from her Panamanian roots and the immigrant experience in an effort to create universal art. Earlier this year Giselle became the executive director for Pro’s Arts Studios in Pilsen, in this interview she also shares thoughts with us on that transition.

Part I: Interview with Giselle Mercier, 5:58

Part II: Interview with Giselle Mercier, 6:05

Part III: Interview with Giselle Mercier, 4:40

interview by Irasema Gonzalez

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