10.17.10 Domingo Newsbytes…

It’s a gorgeous autumn day and the city seems to be exploding with arts events. There is definitely no shortage of things to do this weekend.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to go to the Lila Downs concert at the Chicago Symphony Center. As a teenager I got the opportunity to work at this venue. While working there I noticed there were no Latinos in the audience or on stage. Coming back to the Chicago Symphony Center to see Lila Downs made me feel so proud to see a Latina on stage and Latinos in the audience. I’m delighted that the Chicago Symphony Center is diversifying its programming. I will definitely be going back! As I was roaming the lobby area I caught a glimpse of author Sandra Cisneros standing in the line for the bathroom. How cool that she came out to support Lila!

On another note, our reading series is Monday, October 18 at 7pm  is Proyecto Latina @ Catedral Cafe in Little Village. Come out and hear the lovely work of Linda Rodriguez! We want to congratulate Linda because we just found out that her book, “Heart’s Migration,” won the 2010 Thorpe Menn Award for Literary Excellence. Read more about Linda…

The National Museum of Mexican Art will be holding their first annual Revolucionarios Awards honoring the contributions of  Mexicans in the arts. Felicidades to Tanya Saracho who is one of this year’s winners.

Do you like  mouth watering albondigas? Well blogger Maura Hernandez  shares her recipe at the Blogolicious conference.

While we didn’t have an opportunity to score an interview with Lila our friends at Arte y Vida did. Check it out.

One of my favorite Chicago foundations turned 95 years-old this week. Feliz Cumpleaños to The Chicago Community Trust!

NALAC Regional Arts Training Workshop is coming to Minneapolis on October 22 & 23. Check it out if you can!

Now we need to pick your brain. We need to know if you like the Domingo Newsbytes and if we should continue to keep this as a regular feature. Do you read it and find it useful or do we give it the ax. Let us know in the comment section or you are welcomed to drop us a line at info@proyectolatina.org

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