Of Mictla, Clavos & Adela Noriega

Of Mictla, Clavos & Adela Noriega

It’s a dark and stormy night outside. The rain is tapping furiously on the windowsill and the thunder is shaking the house and making car alarms go off. In the spirit of Halloween it’s the perfect night for scary stories. That’s me in the picture with Mictlantecuhtli Lord of Mictla at the Templo Mayor Museum. Handsome guy isn’t he?

Tonight reminds me of the time when I was sitting on my mom’s bed watching the novela and she was trying to call my abuelo in Mexico City. We were both in the same room when suddenly we heard a banging noise coming from somewhere. I blocked it out because I was much more interested in watching the novela with Adela Noriega. My mom blocked it out too because she was so busy trying to dial the number.

The banging noise seemed to get louder. Seemed to be coming from the room we were sitting in. It must be the upstairs neighbors I thought. My mom for some reason thought I was making the noise. That’s when I realized the apartment upstairs was empty.

At that moment my mom and I looked at each other confused for a moment. The noise was coming from what seemed to be right above the boiler almost as if the pipe was going to burst. As we are looking at the wall to our absolute horror and astonishment the noise continues as if someone is hammering from inside the wall and we watch in slow motion as a giant nail starts to come out of the wall and pops out. The noise continues and my mom and I run out of the room leaving only the sound of the banging noise, Adela Noriega and the phone disconnected saying, “your call cannot be completed as dialed please hang up and try again.”  What happened after is a blur all I know is to this day it creeps me out.

Do you have a scary story real or imagined? Share it with us in the comment section.

Hope you enjoyed this little snippet of scary!

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