Well the elections are today and we hope you are planning to vote.

A few weeks back we did a call for our Voto Latina contest!

Congrats to our lucky winner  Mean Little Bumble Bee who submitted the following post:

“I have a random childhood memory of accompanying my dad to the polling booth and “helping” him select the city’s next mayor and a whole slew of judges whose names neither one of us had ever heard of.  That memory always stuck with me because from that day forward I thought voting was pretty cool.
I remember watching the returns on election night when George W. Bush was elected to his first term and then watching the long post election legal battle that eventually led to his second term. On election night 2008, I remember sitting on my couch with my week and a half daughter asleep in my arms and watching Barak Obama speak to the crowd at Grant Park and feeling just a little jealous that I couldn’t vote.
That is until this year.  My status as a citizen of this country was confirmed earlier this year and the first thing I did was register to vote.  I’ve been doing my homework – I’ve started reading endorsements from the major papers of the candidates for governor, I’ve logged onto Nate Silver’s 538 blog religiously and let me tell you, no one will be more excited to vote on November 2 than yours truly.  I feel like I finally joined the Cool Kids Club. ~MeanLittleBumbleBee

One Response to “VOTO LATINA WINNER IS…”

  1. Sandra says:

    She won, she won! That’s my B! Woo!!!

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