Grinches Steal Youth Computer Lab


This morning I was at my desk at work when I got a call from Irasema, a founder of Proyecto Latina and staff person at ProsArts Studio. I almost spit out my morning coffee when she told me that someone had broken into Pros Arts Studio. They had taken a whole computer lab used by students and seniors in the Pilsen community that usually don’t have access to this technology.

We were both in disbelief and disappointed that folks had to resort to this action that impacts the community. In the spirit of the holidays if you would like to help this arts organization in the Pilsen neighborhood during this difficult time please read more… or if you have any tips on this burglary please contact 911 and share what you know anonymously.

3 Responses to “Grinches Steal Youth Computer Lab”

  1. Salvador says:

    We,, have supported the ProArts Studio with various promotional efforts in the past. It saddens us to see a good organization taken advantage by criminals.

    The hard work provided by the PAS staff is greatly appreciated.

    May the funding to get PAS back on their feet come 10 fold.


  2. Diana Pando says:


    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and wishes for PAS. They are a wonderful organization impacting the Latino community.

    Keep in touch and Feliz Año Nuevo to you!

  3. Salvador says:


    Thanks for the response and have a wonderful New Year as well.


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