Sandra Cisneros: Compost your rage & fuel your art

Sandra Cisneros: Compost your rage & fuel your art

That’s Jorge Valdivia with Sandra Cisneros in the photograph above, it was taken moments before I got to sit down and interview her last Wednesday. Jorge is the Director of Performing arts at the National Museum of Mexican Art and we will be posting an interview with him later this week, so make sure to come back and check for it, he talks to us about the 15th annual Sor Juana Festival.

I owe Jorge, Annie Tully, and Diana Pando, a HUGE shout out and THANK YOU in getting this interview done. It was such an amazing opportunity, I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Part I: Interview with Sandra Cisneros, 3:50

Part II: Interview with Sandra Cisneros, 9:10

Part III: Interview with Minerva who writes poems, 2:53

interview by Irasema Gonzalez

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