May Proyecto Latina Reading Series – Xánath Caraza

Photo by Tzununi Caraza.

Coming in May! Meet writer Xánath Caraza from Kansas City.  She’s driving all the way from Kansas to be part of the Proyecto Latina Reading Series.  We hope you can join us to welcome Xánath as our featured reader and participate in the open mic. Xánath will be sharing some poetry and narrative work. She likes to write about the human condition honoring women and gender issues.  She likes to  borrow voices of different women to tell their stories.

Her work has been called feminina-centric and she uses language, Spanish and Nahuatl, to assert her heritage, but also incorporate other languages in her writing. She fictionalizes  places has been to, and have caused an impression on her.  For example says Xánath, “my mother’s kitchen, the murals of Bonampak, la Alhambra, or the classroom where I teach every day have been inspirations for me”.

After her reading we will be doing a Q&A with her so you can ask her your burning questions about writing,publishing and life in Kansas City! We will also have special guest artist María Esther León
who grew up in Oaxaca, Mexico and currently living in the Chicago. She will have some of her artwork on display.

Monday, May 16  @7pm

Proyecto Latina Reading Series

@Catedral Café

2500 South Christianna Avenue

Chicago, IL 60623

Street parking / #60 Blue Island Bus

Come and connect with Latinas in the arts and beyond.

Remember to get there early and sign up for the open mic and bring your chismes for the chisme box!

Xánath Caraza is a traveler, educator, poet, and short story writer. She has published her original work and essays in America: Now and Here Kansas City,, Pegaso of the University of Oklahoma 2010 and 2009, Pilgrimage Magazine, Quercus Review, Thorny Locust, Antique Children, La Bloga, Latino Poetry Review Blog, Present, El Cid, Utah Foreign Language Review, and elsewhere. Additionally, her work has been published in the following anthologies:  Woman’s Work: The Short Stories (Girl Child Press, 2010), Cuentos del Centro: Stories from the Latino Heartland (Scapegoat Press, 2009), Primera Página: Poetry from the Latino Heartland (Scapegoat Press, 2008), and Más allá de las fronteras (Ediciones Nuevo Espacio, 2004).

She has taught in Mexico, Brazil, China and currently in the US. She is a member of Con Tinta, Writers Place-Festival of Faiths, the Latino Writers Collective of Kansas City, and a member of the Planning and Programming Committee of The Writers Place also of Kansas City among other committees.

In terms of literary awards and honorary mentions, her short story “Canción de la lluvia” was one of the winning short stories in the 2003 international short story contest in Spanish organized by Ediciones Nuevo Espacio. Furthermore, her short story “Agua pasa por mi casa, a mi casa se viene a soñar” was a finalist in the first international John Barry Award, 2008, a Spanish language short story contest.

With regard for other professional activities, such as editing, she was the Spanish language consultant for Scapegoat Press for Cuentos del Centro: Stories from the Latino Heartland and Primera Página: Poetry from the Latino Heartland.  She received an MA in Romance Languages from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Her original Day of the Dead Altars have been on display at the annual Mattie Rhodes Art Gallery in Kansas City, MO Day of the Dead Exhibition since 2005.

Artwork by María Esther León



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