Zulema Ortiz: a new brand of All American patriotism

Zulema Ortiz: a new brand of All American patriotism

Proyecto Latina interviews Zulema Ortiz, the 2009 Young Visionary award recipient for the 2009 Sor Juana Achievement award. A 20 year-old college-student, Zulema patriotically refers to the only country she ever remembers living in as,“the land of opportunity, where anything is possible.” That’s the attitude that Zulema adopted although she lacked the nine essential digits of a social security number, and found creative ways to finance college and pursue a higher education. She’s paving the way towards her dreams and with confidence declares that, “the Dream Act will be passed.”

Part I: Zulema Ortiz, 5:57

Part II: Zulema Ortiz, 5:26

Part III: Zulema Ortiz, 7:41

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Interview by Irasema Gonzalez

2 Responses to “Zulema Ortiz: a new brand of All American patriotism”

  1. november_oj says:

    I am very proud of Zulema Ortiz, she has gone very far and will be some one in life. Dont let no one or anything get in your way, every thing is possible in life and all you need is to have goals and dreams. keep up that great positive attitude sister.

    Jessica O

  2. Proyecto Latina says:

    Jessica, thank you for the post. Zulema is pretty amazing! Thank you for commenting on the Proyecto Latina site. We hope to get to know you in person also. abrazotes, Diana Pando

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