Over the Rainbow with Tania Unzueta & Edith Bucio

Over the Rainbow with Tania Unzueta & Edith Bucio

Listen to two Chicago queer Latinas honor their history and identities by paving the path to create more visibility for the triumphs and struggles of their communities.

Tania Unzueta shares history and thoughts on the move of the Chicago Dyke March to Pilsen and what it meant personally that the march was arriving to the community she lives and works in.

Tania Unzueta, 14:37

Edith Bucio is the June 2009 feature for Proyecto Latina. She speaks to us about being a queer Latina writer in Chicago and her work as a volunteer with the Chicago Dyke March.

Edith Bucio

Interview by Irasema Gonzalez.

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