Amanda Gutiérrez: Topography of Time

Proyecto Latina collaborates with the 5th Electronic Music Festival/Festival de Música Electronica Latina (FMEL Chicago) to present

by Amanda Gutiérrez

Monday, August 20, 2012 @ 7 p.m.
Co-Prosperity Sphere. 3219-21 S. Morgan St.

A lecture and video installation that explores the archaeology of memory,  home and the relation to landscape: dissolution, edification and construction of immigrant transit.  The use of new technologies and exploration of narrative that emerges from the documentary through performance and real-time oral recreation. Topography of Time is a site specific video installation that weaves through the choice of pictures that illustrate more than three stories that are immigrant characters taken from the community where the project is developed. There are three basic concepts: dissolution, edification and constructing solutions that you link with real stories highlighting the adaptation process, and the symbolic relationship through memories of the city.

Amanda Gutiérrez a native of México City and resident of Chicago earned her Masters in performance and new media at The School of the Art Institute in Chicago.  She was only eight years old when she began working with performance and audio–fusing both disciplines into installation.  She has presented at festivals and exhibitions that include the Primer Encuentro de Performance México-Japón, Tercer Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro, Segunda Bienal de Arte Contemporáneo (Puerto Rico),  KhiasmaGallery (Paris).  She has also participated in The Fellowship Competition (2007) and the Community Arts Assistance Program (2008), and she was selected as a finalist for the National Prize for Art Artadia Chicago (2009).  She is currently a recipient EMAN-EMARE 2012 (FACT, Liverpool).  Learn more about Amanda at

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