Domingo Newsbytes

Domingo Newsbytes

The first month of 2010 has ended and we hope your year is off to a great start. We are getting geared up for our February Proyecto Latina and are excited to be featuring Ruth Guerra–look for those details later in the week. For now its the Sunday round-up of Latinas in the news and other media.

Chicago Sun-Times Columnist, Esther Cepeda and Maria de los Angeles Torres, Director of the Latin American and Latino Studies Program at the University of Illinois at Chicago
got a chance to chime in on Chicago’s New Latino Political Landscape on WBEZ this week.
A quick point made by Torres in that segment is that Latinos who speak English and Spanish make make better salaries, that reminded me of a completely different story where actress Jessica Alba shares a completely different motive for hiring a Spanish language teacher to ensure she raises a bilingual daughter.

Speaking of Latina moms and their children–check out how one mom and son blog together in South Texas to air their greivances about Cesar Chavez missing in school textbooks.

Marisa Treviño at Latina Lista breaks down a new study that shows a rise in teen pregnancies–with higher rates for Latina and Black girls–that correlates with the timing of federal promotion of abstinence-only programs. Treviño spotlights a program that is striving to change those odds for Texas teens–the bottom line: Me now…baby later.

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