Will You Be Our Madrina de Tinta y Papel?

Image Courtesy of Link Mesh Hadas – http://bit.ly/WETJJP

Proyecto Latina is completing its 7th year and to-date our initiatives include a reading series and writer meet-ups that allows us to create a culture of self-empowerment by spotlighting Latinas in the arts and beyond. We also provide a virtual platform to chronicle stories, share resources and start conversations.

To celebrate our coming of age, we are creating an anthology of the voices, artwork, and chisme that have made Proyecto Latina thrive as a safe and vibrant space for Latina creativity in Chicago.

We hope this volume will serve as a way to preserve, honor, and promote the contributions of Proyecto Latina’s members and serve as a catalyst for Latina creativity by taking the best possible portrait of our past, and pose relevant questions about where we are heading.

Like any Chica Súper Poderosa from the neighborhood, our coming of age ceremony is an enterprise that relies on the support from the padrinos.  We hope you will consider being our madrina or padrino de tinta y papel.  Your name will appear in our anthology as our benefactor, and you will receive a free copy of the work.

Your donations in any amount our greatly appreciated! Our goal is to raise $2,700.00 to cover the cost of printing. Thank you for supporting this creative endeavor to continue to amplify the voices of Latina women in the arts.






3 Responses to “Will You Be Our Madrina de Tinta y Papel?”

  1. Cristina says:

    Have you thought about doing a Kickstarter? I’ve seen people truly rally around them on all kinds of projects. This would be a great one!

  2. Tanya Saracho says:

    Done. Long time coming. Pa’lante, hermanas!

  3. Laura Vargas says:

    Done. See you in July for the Proyecto Latina anthology!

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