Thelma Uranga: knitting graffiti in Pilsen

Thelma Uranga: knitting graffiti in Pilsen

“It should be something cultural, it should define us but it should be open to anyone who wants to join,” The 27 year-old Thelma Uranga says about her knitting circle El Stitch y Bitch. About a year and a half ago Thelma’s creative urge led her to pick up knitting needles and start purling, she went on to make hats and scarfs and ultimately create the community of knitters that lacked in her part of town. They meet in Pilsen and Little Village cafes and occasionally venture out with knitted swatches to make statements on Pilsen streets that puts a new spin on graffiti.

Thelma tells us how it all started (4:01)

Knitting statements (6:01)

Hook up with El Stitch y Bitch (1:37)

Connect with El Stitch y Bitch here, here and on:
Wed., Sept. 2nd from 7 to 9 p.m. @ Catedral Cafe, 2500 S. Christiana, Chicago.

interview by Ericka Sanchez

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