Look for Camille & Esther @ Renegade this weekend

Look for Camille & Esther @ Renegade this weekend

If you are making it out to the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend. Take note and make sure to swing by and check out the work that a couple of crafting Latinas from the Chicago area will be presenting.

“If you love what you do, why not live off of it?” Esther Ramirez, the artist behind Essimar Papel also wants her stationery products to be a household name one day. She’s well on her way there, her line of hand made limited run cards can be found in 59 boutiques throughout the U.S. and Europe. Esther, 28, began her love affair with paper when she was a child and didn’t get the fanciest notebooks during back-to-school shopping, she took it upon herself to begin collaging the covers with magazine and newspapers cut-outs. Paper is Esther’s main arsenal, and her methods include hand pulled screen printing, hand dye cutting, hand mache, and collage . You can find her booth this weekend at the Renegade Craft fair where she will have an offering of items that include paper maché pins, handmade limited/in series cards, and papel picado.

Camille Canales, owner of La Otra Camilla, is making her Craft fair debut at Renegade this weekend. Camille, 25, moved to Chicago from Texas over five years ago and is a graduate from the School of the Art Institute. A painter and textile artist, she currently teaches screen-printing and embroidery at Lillstreet Art Center. “I love making things with my hands,” she explains and often takes on the challenge of recreating her paintings into a skilled embroidery piece. Although, her most recent collection of q-tip confetti prints—inspired by a dream—is a fun departure from labor intensive embroidery and embellishments she enjoys. Her booth this weekend will feature new paintings and drawings, along with craft items with select images from the art environments she creates, they include pillows, totes, scarves, and prints, as well as some kid wear and pet items.

Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago
September 12 and 13
11a.m. – 7p.m.
on Division St. between Damen Ave. and Paulina St.

Feeling inspired? Renegade Craft Fair is currently taking applications for their holiday sale. Get details here.

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