Ana Castillo: Fueling a literary tradition

Ana Castillo: Fueling a literary tradition

Chicana writer Ana Castillo wants to fuel the tradition of reading and writing in the Latino community, through the memoir writing workshops she teaches. Ana says she hopes that she can help establish posterity of culture and most importantly the family stories of the participants. Literature, Ana reminds us, comes from all walks of life–writing is not just for the privileged. Our Proyecto Latina contributor, Yolanda Cardenas also asks about spirituality’s place in writing, listen to their complete conversation below.

Ana Castillo: Spirituality’s place in writing? (4:17)

Ana Castillo: Can you teach someone to write? (5:48)

Ana Castillo’s memoir writing workshops are cross-cultural and generational and open to everyone over 18 years-old. Details available here.

Interview by Yolanda Cardenas

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