Legendary Song Bird Mercedes Sosa Passes at 74

Legendary Song Bird Mercedes Sosa Passes at 74

Proyecto Latina is taking a moment to send our condolences and remember Mercedes Sosa, a woman with a powerful voice and message, who passed today in a hospital in Argentina. Ms. Sosa had a singing career that spanned five decades and winner of several Latin Grammy Awards. She is considered the voice of consciousness in Latin America blending traditional folk rhythms with politically charged lyrics about the poor and disenfranchised. Her music career came to a stand off in the 1970’s when the right-wing nationalists of Argentina noticed and began harassing her by banning her music from Argentine radio and television.

Ms. Sosa used her artistic talent to move the people at her sold out concerts by transforming them into rallies against government brutality. With increasing threats from the government and prohibited from performing and making a living she was forced to exiled herself to Europe. Upon her return to Argentina the last remnants of the dictatorship were crumbling and her popularity soared as thousands attended her concerts. After more than five decades this woman’s voice echoes on even louder.

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