Jenny Priego: Adelita Pata de Perro @ Pilsen Open Studios 2009

Jenny Priego: Adelita Pata de Perro @ Pilsen Open Studios 2009

Jennifer Priego will exhibit select pieces from her ongoing project Adelita Pata de Perro at this years Pilsen Open Studios, you can find her at Antena throughout the weekend.

WHAT: 18th St. Pilsen Open Studios 2009
: Sat. & Sun. Oct. 17-18, 2009. Noon – 8pm
: ANTENA, 1765 S. Laflin St.

We spoke to Jenny about a year ago, listen to what she had to say about Adelita Pata de Perro and her art process.

Jenny Priego (12:29)

Jenny Priego is visual and performance artist who draws inspiration from her existence as a feminine being and random beauty. She uses several forms of media to interpret her self exploration, such as technology, her body, voice, and formal fine art technique. Her latest and ongoing project is “Adelita Pata de Perro” a photographic journal of Adelita, a character that was inspired by the women who fought in the Mexican Revolution. Priego’s Adelita is a hyper-ethnic woman wandering the world on an ever changing journey, and on her voyage of discovery she encounters symbols of power, femininity, sex, and cultural imagery. She finds herself in different situations and places that take her from Paris, to Rome and sugar cane mills in Mexico. Priego studied at Columbia College and currently works as a Stewardess.

Interview by Irasema Gonzalez

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