November Lunacy

November Lunacy

If we didn’t know better we’d say there is a full moon out! This week kicks off Teatro Luna’s full remount of LUNATIC(A)S – “We’ll Show You Crazy!” The insanity returns with new stories and more musical numbers.

“We are so excited to be revisiting this piece…this play is quintessentially Luna, it tackles our namesake, The Moon (La Luna) and places our true-life stories in the context of myths and superstitions about women, Latinas and the moon,” says Director Tanya Saracho.

Featuring some of your favorite Ensemble Members: Belinda Cervantes (Machos, S-e-x-Oh!) Maritza Cervantes (Machos, S-e-x-Oh!) Yadira Correa (Machos, S-e-x-Oh!, Jarred) Miranda Gonzalez (SîLO Tœ, Jarred) Suzette Mayobre (S-e-x-Oh!, SîLO Tœ) with Artistic Associate Maria Enriquez (S-e-x-Oh!: The Remix) and New Lunaticas Christina Nieves (S-e-x-Oh!: The Remix, The House on Mango Street), and Mari Stratton (The House on Mango Street)

For reservations / performance dates and times visit Teatro Luna.

Photography by Johnny Knight

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