Domingo Newsbytes: weekly Latina news

Domingo Newsbytes: weekly Latina news

Welcome to the new Proyecto Latina website. We are still ironing out a few crinkles but we feel that this new platform is going to better serve our needs. So, go ahead and explore and if you got a thought on something, drop us a line. Also, we want to re-connect with all our friends–new and old–so before you leave join us on Google Friend Connect.

And now to our weekly round-up of Latinas in the news:

Araceli Hurtado. Image via Chicago News Cooperative.

For Many Latina Teens, Gang Life adds to Stress A profile of  Araceli Hurtado, outreach worker at a violence prevention agency in Little Village, and 13 year-old “April”–a young Latina and part of the largest segment of minority girls in the U.S.–who is working on overcoming some heartbreaking obstacles.

Latinas in Oscar Designer Challenge include Elda De La Rosa, well know in Chicago for her elegant designs.  Growing up her grandmother, mother and aunts all sewed and inspired her to learn at a very young age. Via Extra–a link to vote for De La Rosa’s design to be featured at the Oscar’s by on-stage award escorts.

Also via Extra this week, a quick look at Celena Roldán, new executive director for Erie Neighborhood House, a social service organization that serves primarily low-income, Latino families.

Cast of Afro-Caribbean Latinas populate Sofia Maldonado’s upcoming 42nd St. mural Visual artist, Sofia Maldonado, hopes to stop traffic and describes the women featured in her mural as, “Mujeres que luchan pa’echar pa’lante.”  Women fighting to get ahead.

A fine balance Author of The Dirty Girls Social Club, Alisa Valdes-Rodrigues wonders, Has the mainstream U.S. Latina arrived in fiction? Alisa also explains that, “While many Latina characters in mainstream fiction by non-Latina authors painted us as stereotypical in the past, I am pleased to see that the new wave of novels by non-Latinas but featuring Latina protagonists present us a whole, well-rounded, interesting and unique individual human beings who are American everywomen. This is a major step forward, and one we should all support!”   We say, yes but proceed with caution–and we’re going to refer  you to our archives–because Latina playwright, Migdalia Cruz also states, “write your own story—or someone else will write it and get it all wrong.”

On that note we do want to share the opportunity submit your written work. Achy Obejas and Megan Bayles, via a fellowship, have founded Partner Dance Press and placed a call for submissions to, “self-identified women writers, composers, performers and text-based artists under 40 currently living in Chicago to submit work for consideration in a new online text-based anthology.” Deadline is June 15, 2010. View submission guidelines here.

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