Dominizuelans: gearing-up to be comedy bosses

Dominizuelans: gearing-up to be comedy bosses

Watch out world Wendy Mateo and Lori Diaz, the masterminds of Tall Hispanic-Short Hispanic Productions, have grand plans, “Latina comedians…we want to be the boss of it and more.” With roots in New York and Florida, the pair moved to Chicago and made their Windy City debut last summer as Dominizuelans, the pen name they coined when writing their show, People in the City–a production that has earned raving reviews and is up for a second run that will open on New Years eve and run through the end of February 2010.

Proyecto Latina correspondent, Ericka Sanchez, recently caught up with Wendy and Lori and talked about their work and creative process. Listen to that conversation below

Wendy & Lori 1: The path to doing what you love. (3:50)

Wendy & Lori 2: Creative Boundries: The risks of writing about friends and family…and yourself? (2:49)

Wendy & Lori 3: Smiling faces and cultural lessons (4:22)

Wendy & Lori 4: Future plans: a production company and a new play (5:05)

Interview and photo by Ericka Sanchez

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