03.15.10: Josie Dykas heals with laughter

03.15.10: Josie Dykas heals with laughter

Josie Dykas, founder of Urban Indigenous, is the Proyecto Latina feature for March 2010.

Save the date: Monday, March 15, 2010 @ 7 p.m.

Held @ Cedahlia’s Cafe, 1010-12 S. Western Ave. Chicago

For Proyecto Latina, Josie Dykas will be presenting characters from her one woman show.

Josie is Yaqui & Polish and originally from the south suburbs of Chicago. She has studied at many of the great institutions of improvisation including UCB(NYC), Second City & ImproOlympic(Chicago) where she had the privilege of being one of Del Close’s last students and interned with SNL’s Anne Beatts(LA). She was the Artistic Director of ¡Salsation! in ’02 & ’03 and performed in numerous reviews including “My Big Fat Quincenera”, along with Second City’s BrownCo ”Stylin’ n Racial Profilin’”.

While in LA she met with native comic, Charlie Hill and realized it was time to learn more of her Native roots. She had the honor to be mentored by elders of many different tribes (Yaqui, Aztec, Tongva, Chumash, etc). She has also ventured into stand up comedy. Credits include the the Icehouse and The World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood.

Josie recently founded a multi-ethnic comedy troupe Urban Indigenous that has been performing to sold out audiences throughout Chicagoland. She is currently producing and co-directing the first full length run “Code of Ethnics” that opened March 27th. She is also working on a documentary about discovering her roots also titled “Urban Indigenous.”

Currently she works as an artist with NEIU’s 21st Century program teaching Native Storytelling and improv/comedy and for Duron Law Firm, helping families save their homes and recover overpaid taxes. Josie has always worked in social services including with mentally challenged adults, elders, children and the disabled. She has volunteered with many different Cultural, Spiritual/Religious and Socially Conscious Organizations. She hopes to help inspire the Native/Latino youth to use comedy as a vehicle of self expression while discovering their Native roots, “Helping our community heal through laughter.  We have to know our true history (personally & culturally), to deal with today, to change the future.”

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