Domingo Newsbytes

Domingo Newsbytes

Tomorrow we pull out our Chisme Box and head over to Cedahlia’s for the next Proyecto Latina.  I am excited about our feature, Josie Dykas, she will be bringing us laughter via characters from her one-woman-show.  We hope you can join us.

I am particularly inspired by this weeks round-up of news links which all happen to be about women and inititatives in the Chicago area.  The Domingo Newsbytes is also getting posted a little later this Sunday because I spent the morning with family at a confirmation mass.  I was really captivated by the heart design on one of the stained-glass windows in the church–it reminds me of courage and hope.  Corazón, valor y esperanza: all fitting descriptions for the women below.

My name is Tania, and I’m undocumented The Coming Out of the Shadows Immigrants rights rally took place last Wednesday, undocumented youth “came-out” publicly and called on immigration reform and justice.  One woman leading the march was Tania Unzueta, profiled in the Tribune the same day. Columnist Mary Schmich  sums it up nicely, “Anyone who watches the march with an open mind will see that these young people aren’t aliens. They’re us. They are Chicago, and the immigration laws are squandering their energy and possibilities.”

The March issue of Contratiempo is dedicated to women and includes an article by Sandra A. Treviño, La Mujer en la Musica on the role that women play in the Latino music world.   Stephanie Manriquez provides a resourceful article regarding Mujer y Violencia.

Dare to Dream: exposing 8th grade Latina girls and their mothers to the benefits of higher education.

An important Latina history lesson via an event recap, the Windy City Times reports, “Chicago, in 1980, was not a friendly space for Latina lesbians, who saw a lack of public spaces.”  The article goes on to list some very important milestones and accomplishments that followed including a nod to Proyecto Latina co-founder Coya Paz.

Finally, get to know Maria Mendoza, part of the Salsation cast for CTRL+ALT+DEPORT and get ready for Tanya Saracho’s new play, El Nogalar.

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