Illxica's insomnia

Illxica's insomnia

Silvia Rivera, the new managing director for Vocalo. Image via Hoy News.

Silvia Rivera was the Proyecto Latina feature in March 2007, below is the piece she shared with us.  We’ve pulled it out of the vault to share with you because its a favorite and it made an impact on the women that heard it that evening two springs ago.  What made her feature so special that afterward women crowded around her and asked, how can I do that?   Silvia added sound to her short story and brought it to life for us.  She revealed a world of possibilities and went on to personally train and facilitate the technology and empower a small group of women with the ability to do the same.  We know that in her new post her reach and impact will be that much greater.

Illxica’s Insomnia, 7:18

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