Linda Rodriguez: Journey to Ragdale and Heart's Migration

Linda Rodriguez: Journey to Ragdale and Heart's Migration

Listen to Diana Pando’s conversation with award winning poet Linda Rodriguez about her work as a writer, an activist and her recent residency at the Ragdale Foundation.  Linda is the author of Heart’s Migration and Skin Hunger, she also recipient of the Elvira Cordero Cisneros Award from the Macondo Foundation and the Midwest Voices and Visions Award from the Alliance of Artists Communities and the Joyce Foundation.


Linda Rodriguez interview I, 11:55

Linda Rodriguez interview II, 14:00

Linda Rodriguez reads from Heart’s Migration, 3:50

You can read Linda’s personal reflection on her stay at Ragdale on her blog.  You can also catch up with Linda Rodriguez on Wednesday, March 17, 2010 at Palabra Pura.

One Response to “Linda Rodriguez: Journey to Ragdale and Heart's Migration”

  1. Linda Rodriguez says:

    Thanks, Diana and Irasema, for doing such a great job and for driving all the way out to Ragdale. It was lovely to see you both last night at Palabra Pura. Now, go apply to Ragdale! :-)
    Abrazos fuertes,

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