03.28.10: Domingo Newsbytes

03.28.10: Domingo Newsbytes

Proyecto Latina is getting ready for April and poetry month.  This year’s challenge for our 3rd Monday reading series: write your chisme in haiku format.  What else are we doing?  This week we posted Diana Pando’s interview with choreographer Michelle Manzanales who is unveiling Paloma Querida based on the life of Frida Kahlo.  Listen to their phone conversation here.

Undocumented and Unafraid
Last weekend thousands took buses to Washington DC advocating for immigration reform you can see an audio slideshow on Vocalo that features members of the Immigrant Youth Justice League, amongst them “Ernestina”  a UIC student that is contemplating making her status public at school.  Latino USA’s coverage on the march can be heard here.

This week Sun-Times columnist Esther Cepeda, also a former teacher makes a case on why it is so important to  Teach kids to love learning–and make them life-long learners.  A skill that may also help us adapt a different kind of lesson: eating healthier. I love catching episodes of Daisy Cooks on television, and if we are going to cook healthy Chef Daisy Martinez says, you have to cook with fresh ingredients and, “We have to get back to the food of our mothers and our grandmothers.” Martinez shared the following at a recent workshop for Moms.

Where is the Chicago love?
Latinas at Lilith Fair? Terra.com says so, from Jenni Rivera to Ximena Sariñana. Its true and I got excited, and immediately started making a mental list of the group of friends I would round up for an outing, but upon closer inspection of the Lilith website I was disappointed that no Latinas are included in the Chicago lineup.  Maybe next time.

Role models that are taking care of business
In sixth grade my teacher pulled me out of the classroom to personally introduce me to Theresa Gutierrez who was was at my elementary school doing a story.  She was my first Latina role model in journalism and some twenty years later she is still on Chicago TV and now does The Ñ Beat on Channel 7.  This week it features Alicia Gonzalez a Pilsen native who is now implementing running programs all over the city as executive director of Chicago Run, and Nancy Andrade a lawyer and founder of Mexi-Feast Tamales which are now also featured at Whole Foods Stores.  See the segment below.

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