"What Drives Us to Create?"

"What Drives Us to Create?"

Our January feature/ Proyecto Latina Radio Music Director Yolanda Cardenas wanted to share some thoughts on creativity. We are delighted to share her words with you in this post. Enjoy! -Diana

Lately, I’ve been thinking about this question. Even those in professions not normally associated with the arts, often have a desire to be creative. There seems to be an endless stream of people interested in taking courses from photography to knitting. The term “arts” can encompass everything from music and acting to cooking and knitting. Is it a desire in all of us, not just the artists of our society? Is it tied tightly to our humanity that we couldn’t survive or progress without it?

I feel a need to process my environment/experiences and capture them in way to preserve certain memories/emotions. Sometimes it is just a way of channeling my emotions into something concrete. At times I find it easier to express myself through an art medium such as writing, photography, or drawing. My creative endeavors are almost like a history book for me and about me. It is important to remember the past to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

What also draws me to the “arts” is its representation of the beauty that humans are capable of creating with their hands/bodies along with the materials of the earth. Daily, we see the negative side of mankind in the paper, the television, and the internet. It is nice to be reminded we are capable of more than destruction.

Yolanda Cardenas, M.D.

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