Who are your Chicago Comadres?

Who are your Chicago Comadres?

I got word from  Ydalmi Noriega, coordinator for the Chicago chapter of Las Comadres that the next  comadrazo is this Saturday.  I plan to be there since they are always a lot of fun.  Below I’m also sharing an interview from our archives that originally aired on our former radio show at Radio Arte.  It took place after a comadrazo in 2009, when I got a chance to talk to Ydalmi about her work with Las Comadres.  At the time Ydalmi was the only Chicago coordinator, today there are three new coordinators helping out: Lupe Guevara, Raiza Medoza, Maribel Rodriguez. Check it out, I hope it inspires you to join us this Saturday.  Hopefully there will be more guava sangria.

Ydalmi Noriega on Las Comadres in Chicago 6:30

When: Saturday April 10, 2010 from 2-4 p.m.
Where: Home of Comadre Ydalmi Noriega in Pilsen.Street parking is plentiful on 23rd Street and on Damen.  Bring friends! Bring carino! And bring your favorite dish!  The theme is potluck: the hostess provides the location, the paper and plastic products and ice, the guests bring a dish for about 6 people.

Learn more about Las Comadres.
Get address details for Saturday’s comadrazo: lascomadres-chicago@yahoogroups.com.

Ever been to a comadrazo? Chime in via the comments section and let us know your  favorite part about it.

One Response to “Who are your Chicago Comadres?”

  1. Ydalmi says:

    Irasema, thank you for posting this announcement about the comadrazo. I am looking forward to meeting some new comadres tomorrow. See you then!

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