03.11.10: Domingo Newsbytes

03.11.10: Domingo Newsbytes

If you really want something, you sometimes have to take matters into your own hands to make it happen.   Long time friend of Proyecto Latina, an avid supporter of Latin@ cultural projects, and  advocate to many social causes Ivonne Canellada decided she really wanted to share the documentary, Papers the Movie: Stories of Undocumented Youth.   She put her feelers out and found donors to help offset fees and costs to screen the movie and then did the footwork to secure the movie rights and a venue where she could share with her community.  She hosted the initial screening last Tuesday, April 6th at the Rudy Lozano Library in Pilsen.  Ivonne will be screening Papers again including at a future Proyecto Latina night–we will keep you posted with those details.

Another group of women that also made it happen: The Vida Bella Ensemble, is getting ready for the next run of The Brown Girls Chronicles.  They’re Facebook page status warns that tickets are going fast–the show opens on Friday, April 16th.  We say you get tickets for the play and then extend your weekend fun and join us on Monday, April 19th at Cafe Cedahlia’s with your haiku chismes for our April reading series feature, that includes one of the Brown Girls, Sandra Posadas.  Get the full scoop on Sandra here.

Also, this week I posted an interview from our archives that I did a while back  with Ydalmi Noriega, one of the coordinators for the Chicago chapter of Las ComadresCheck it out, she fills us in on the details of this nation wide network.

And now to this weeks Domingo Newsbytes:

Extra News shines a light on the female force behind the 26th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival.  “Last year, we broke the record for the number of women filmmakers included in the lineup,” says public relations executive Brenda Varney.  A glimmer of hope since I’ve been pretty bummed to hear that the  final episode of Ugly Betty airs this week and I’m not sure how long it will be until we see another Latina actress like America Ferrera in a leading role on prime time television–I sure wont be holding my breath and do I hope co-executive producer Selma Hayek has something else in mind.  According to this article the series is scheduled to leave a void.

Finally, amidst deadlines (there was that Census form with that pesky number nine question due last week and this week its taxes) I hope you schedule some me-time.  Did you know that as Latinas we tend to put our needs last and as a result compromise our health?  While we are  less likely to get breast or lung cancer we are more prone to cervical cancer because we seem to put off  ob-gyn visits more.  Latina magazine shares a list that includes the health challenges facing Latinas.  Let’s inform and empower ourselves and make adjustments to change the status quo.

Have a great week!

3 Responses to “03.11.10: Domingo Newsbytes”

  1. Ivonne did an amazing job at the Papers event-she single handedly organized an event I know will be of great value to those who attended. Thanks for the newsbytes.

  2. Diana Pando says:

    Emmanuel, I agree Ivonne totally rocks! I’m so proud of her. Thanks for reading the Domingo Newsbytes.

  3. Liliana says:

    Many thanks Ivonne for all your hard work and sharing this documentary!

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