Linda Rodriguez: Journey to Ragdale and Heart's Migration

Linda Rodriguez: Journey to Ragdale and Heart's Migration

Listen to Diana Pando’s conversation with award winning poet Linda Rodriguez about her work as a writer, an activist and her recent residency at the Ragdale Foundation.  Linda is the author of Heart’s Migration and Skin Hunger, she also recipient of the Elvira Cordero Cisneros Award from the Macondo Foundation and the Midwest Voices and Visions Award from the Alliance of Artists Communities and the Joyce Foundation.


Domingo Newsbytes

Domingo Newsbytes

Happy Sunday!  Remember we are featuring Josie Dykas at the next Proyecto Latina on Monday, March 15th @ 7pm, held @ Cedaliah’s Café.  In the next week look for a new interview with Poet Linda Rodriguez author of Heart’s Migration and a creative audio piece from our archives that Silvia Rivera shared during her Proyecto Latina feature in March of 2007we also want to congratulate Silvia on her new post as the as Managing Director of VOCALO.

And now to our Domingo Newsbytes:

Belen Gonzalez has brought together 20 women to contribute at least $1,000 each to create a funding pool that will be matched dollar for dollar, thanks to the Arizona Community Foundation, to create a grant fund of at least $50,000 to support nonprofits serving our community.

It’s Oscar night! While we see very few Latin@’s at the event or on the big screen during the year, Chicago plays a big role in the production of the Oscar Award. Find out who and how the Oscars are made in this article written by Gisella Orozco.

A new study published in February 2010, AIDS in America — Forgotten but Not Gone, found that the prevalence of AIDS in some of these U.S. communities is actually worse than can be found in Africa.  Hispanic and Black women, whose increased risk of HIV acquisition is attributable in greater part to their vulnerable social and economic situations and their sexual networks than to their own risky behaviors.

Study reveals some Latina mothers unwittingly chart an obese future for their children. Even before researchers conducted their study on childhood obesity differences among white, black and Latino children, they hypothesized that black and Latino children would have higher rates of obesity-related risk factors in their early years.

Parents cringe as more Latino students go away to college. When Esther Cepeda goes to speak to students who are likely to become the first ones in their families to go to college she gives them a lot of valuable advice on going to the college. One of the things she likes to tell the students, “Go away,” to school. “That’s the part that makes parents cringe: the unparalleled fun of breaking away from all you know and becoming an independent adult for the first time ever”.

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