06.27.10 Domingo Newsbytes

06.27.10 Domingo Newsbytes

This week I had an opportunity to attend the US Social Forum in Detroit and was able to attend many social justice workshops ranging from media, environment and immigration. The picture above is of a stained glass Native American image in one of the buildings I wandered into.

After one of the workshops at Wayne State University I crossed the street to the Detroit Institute of Art to see the Diego Rivera Mural. I felt like I was back in Mexico City seeing this mural and walked away feeling thankful to be able to see this mural in Detroit.

In another workshop I also had the opportunity to meet the moms and students over at Voz Mob who are doing incredible work mobilizing community and telling their story using cell phones. At that same workshop I got to meet Desi Burrell from the Media Mobilizing Project. I was super excited to hear about her Spanish language radio show and how she is taking the lead in creating a radio show for women in Philadelphia. Being in Detroit reinforced the importance of making sure we tell our stories with this in mind I’ve come back to Chicago inspired, full of energy and ready to crank Proyecto Latina up a notch.

While I was unable to attend this month’s Proyecto Latina at Cafe Catedral featuring Alicia Tellez Vega, I heard it was a wonderful success. Thank you for coming out and supporting!

We are also very excited that Sandra Posadas (Proyecto Latina April Feature) is going to be part of the Beast Women productions show. Read more…

Also, Sandra Trevino did a nice write up on Proyecto Latina on her blog for Enchufate called “Making Mondays Marvelous” Read more…

Here is this week’s Domingo Newsbytes:

10-year old Katherine Figueroa, who cried as she asked the Members of Congress assembled, “Please tell President Obama to stop putting parents in jail, all they want is a better life for their kids.” Latinas went to Congress this week to speak up and against the new Arizona law and the impact it is having on women and children.

Wanted: Latino Doctors, According to the Association of American Medical Colleges there aren’t enough Latino doctors in the U.S. to keep up with the growing Latino population. Latinos make up only 6% of students coming out of medical schools.

A new study by Chiara Sabina, Ph.D. and Dr. Carlos Cuevas on sexual assault among Latinas has been released with some interesting finds on sexual assault on Latinas in our communities. You can also download a copy of the report for an in-depth look at this issue.

On a local note I did come across the Chicago Tribune review by Nina Metz on Teatro Luna’s Generic Latina. What did you think of the show? Feel free to share your thoughts with Nina in the Trib’s comment section. I think it’s more important than ever for Latinas to be part of conversations happening in mainstream media and collectively amplify our voices. Also, if you haven’t checked out the Teatro Luna show go and support Latinas in the arts.

05.08.10: The Great Collaboration

05.08.10: The Great Collaboration

Join us this Saturday evening at The Great Collaboration, a creative justice roundtable and celebration. Reading for Proyecto Latina: Diana Pando, Irasema Gonzalez and Sandra Posadas.

Event and ticket information: www.firethistimefund.org

04.25.10: Domingo Newsbytes

04.25.10: Domingo Newsbytes

What an exciting week it turned out to be.  Proyecto Latina was this past Monday, and we were pleased to have Sandra Posadas feature with us.  She shared inspiring poetry, influenced by her Puerto Rican heritage and her work as a public school teacher that resonated with many in attendance.  We all discovered that haiku chismes can require a lot of counting! Diana suggested we needed an abacus on hand–maybe next year. Dawn Herrera Terry did a brief performance piece that the group determined captured the spirit of census question number nine.

We also want to congratulate Proyecto Latina co-founder, Coya Paz who successfully defended her dissertation this past Wednesday.  She also  recently joined Columbia College Chicago faculty. Go Dr. Paz!

And now our Domingo Newsbytes, which are pretty somber this week:

Earth Day should still be fresh on our minds and this Cafe Magazine article illustrates and informs how environmental injustice affects low-income, Black and Latino communities that are often, “disproportionately exposed to toxins.”  LVEJO in Little Village Chicago offers an excellent, youth-led toxic tour that informs residents on the pollution from chemical and coal plants that compromise air and soil quality in the neighborhood.

This week I got profiled making my way into a conference, security assumed that I was there with the set-up crew for the luncheon.  It got me thinking about Arizona’s Senate Bill 1070 and seriously, as a brown woman, I’m afraid to think about what would happen if I traveled to Arizona right now.  Its like time is moving backwards.  Guanabee sums it up nicely.

Yvianna Hernandez was hesitant about putting a new spin on La Loteria but it seems that her creative muse really felt that it was a critical job for her to see through.  See her powerful images and learn about how it happened at Borderzine.  As a sidenote, I do want to let you know that in an interview that Diana Pando did with Mexican poet Gabriela Jauregui (featured at Palabra Pura this past Wednesday) she reflected on the violence in Mexico and shared the eye opening number of casualties in the Cartel wars–more than those in the American war.  You can listen to Gabriela’s interview here, in the next couple of weeks.

Leaving you on a happier note:

The Great Collaboration Finally, not so much a newsbyte but an invite and request to save-the-date and plan to join us on Saturday, May 8, 2010. Join us in supporting the Fire This Time Fund, a wonderful organization that supports the work that Proyecto Latina does.  Held at: Arts of Life Studio & Gallery, 2010 W. Carroll Ave, Chicago.

4.18.10:Domingo Newsbytes

It’s a sunny Sunday in Chicago and we hope you go out and enjoy it wherever you are!

Don’t forget this Monday @7pm! Sandra Posadas is the Proyecto Latina feature at Cedahalia’s Café. Swing by early and sign up for the open mic and bring a few chismes with you to share!

Here is your Doming News Bytes…

Latinas and their families are being threatend by a harsh new law that’s been proposed in Arizona giving police officers the authority to determine the immigration status of someone they suspect is undocumented immigrant.Legal Defender Isabel Garcia to the folks of Democracy Now about this issue that threatens to make Arizona a police state.

Still haven’t filled out the Census? Folks in the Chicago area will have another chance to fill it out and send it back. Sending it impacts the amount of money your city and state will get from the federal government to build schools, hospitals and increase social services. Get counted!

This week First Lady Michelle Obama visited Mexico City and hung out with Mexican First lady Margarita Zavala. Teresa Puente from Chicanisma made some interesting observations about these  two women in positions of power and the roles they play .

Congrats to Silvia Malagrino, Insitute/3Arts Fellow, has been selected by the John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation as one of their 2010 Fellows. Malagrino is as an international award-winning artist, and native of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is Professor in Photography at The School of Art and Design of the University of Illinois at Chicago.

03.11.10: Domingo Newsbytes

03.11.10: Domingo Newsbytes

If you really want something, you sometimes have to take matters into your own hands to make it happen.   Long time friend of Proyecto Latina, an avid supporter of Latin@ cultural projects, and  advocate to many social causes Ivonne Canellada decided she really wanted to share the documentary, Papers the Movie: Stories of Undocumented Youth.   She put her feelers out and found donors to help offset fees and costs to screen the movie and then did the footwork to secure the movie rights and a venue where she could share with her community.  She hosted the initial screening last Tuesday, April 6th at the Rudy Lozano Library in Pilsen.  Ivonne will be screening Papers again including at a future Proyecto Latina night–we will keep you posted with those details.

Another group of women that also made it happen: The Vida Bella Ensemble, is getting ready for the next run of The Brown Girls Chronicles.  They’re Facebook page status warns that tickets are going fast–the show opens on Friday, April 16th.  We say you get tickets for the play and then extend your weekend fun and join us on Monday, April 19th at Cafe Cedahlia’s with your haiku chismes for our April reading series feature, that includes one of the Brown Girls, Sandra Posadas.  Get the full scoop on Sandra here.

Also, this week I posted an interview from our archives that I did a while back  with Ydalmi Noriega, one of the coordinators for the Chicago chapter of Las ComadresCheck it out, she fills us in on the details of this nation wide network.

And now to this weeks Domingo Newsbytes:

Extra News shines a light on the female force behind the 26th Annual Chicago Latino Film Festival.  “Last year, we broke the record for the number of women filmmakers included in the lineup,” says public relations executive Brenda Varney.  A glimmer of hope since I’ve been pretty bummed to hear that the  final episode of Ugly Betty airs this week and I’m not sure how long it will be until we see another Latina actress like America Ferrera in a leading role on prime time television–I sure wont be holding my breath and do I hope co-executive producer Selma Hayek has something else in mind.  According to this article the series is scheduled to leave a void.

Finally, amidst deadlines (there was that Census form with that pesky number nine question due last week and this week its taxes) I hope you schedule some me-time.  Did you know that as Latinas we tend to put our needs last and as a result compromise our health?  While we are  less likely to get breast or lung cancer we are more prone to cervical cancer because we seem to put off  ob-gyn visits more.  Latina magazine shares a list that includes the health challenges facing Latinas.  Let’s inform and empower ourselves and make adjustments to change the status quo.

Have a great week!