10.17.10 Domingo Newsbytes…

It’s a gorgeous autumn day and the city seems to be exploding with arts events. There is definitely no shortage of things to do this weekend.

On Friday, I had the opportunity to go to the Lila Downs concert at the Chicago Symphony Center. As a teenager I got the opportunity to work at this venue. While working there I noticed there were no Latinos in the audience or on stage. Coming back to the Chicago Symphony Center to see Lila Downs made me feel so proud to see a Latina on stage and Latinos in the audience. I’m delighted that the Chicago Symphony Center is diversifying its programming. I will definitely be going back! As I was roaming the lobby area I caught a glimpse of author Sandra Cisneros standing in the line for the bathroom. How cool that she came out to support Lila!

On another note, our reading series is Monday, October 18 at 7pm  is Proyecto Latina @ Catedral Cafe in Little Village. Come out and hear the lovely work of Linda Rodriguez! We want to congratulate Linda because we just found out that her book, “Heart’s Migration,” won the 2010 Thorpe Menn Award for Literary Excellence. Read more about Linda…

The National Museum of Mexican Art will be holding their first annual Revolucionarios Awards honoring the contributions of  Mexicans in the arts. Felicidades to Tanya Saracho who is one of this year’s winners.

Do you like  mouth watering albondigas? Well blogger Maura Hernandez  shares her recipe at the Blogolicious conference.

While we didn’t have an opportunity to score an interview with Lila our friends at Arte y Vida did. Check it out.

One of my favorite Chicago foundations turned 95 years-old this week. Feliz Cumpleaños to The Chicago Community Trust!

NALAC Regional Arts Training Workshop is coming to Minneapolis on October 22 & 23. Check it out if you can!

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09.05.10: Doming Newsbytes

09.05.10: Doming Newsbytes

We hope you are unwinding and indulging on a lazy Labor Day weekend!

This week I had the opportunity to sit down and lunch with Sylvia Puente, Executive Director of Latino Policy Forum, at the Park City Grill in beautiful Millennium Park. We took a moment for ourselves and over iced tea reflected how hectic the year has been.  Slowing down requires extra effort to squeeze it into busy schedules and sometimes you need to bring everything to a screeching halt to maintain your sanity.

If you are a hyper-busy Latina what do you do to catch your breath?

Speaking of Latinas that are on a roll…

  • Performance artist Jenny Priego is getting ready for Adelita Pata de Perro on Saturday, September 11 at the Carlos & Dominguez Gallery in Pilsen and YOU’RE INVITED! Read more…

A voting initiative we came across that we really like is Mujeres Latinas en Acción is now part of a project to register and mobilize new citizen voters. They  are also reaching out to young women through Proyecto Juventud to educate girls about the history of women’s struggle to vote, the voting process and how they can make a difference in their communities when they are of voting age.  Voting is a luxury. Make sure during the next elections that you and your comadres head to the polls.

Other Latinas on the move include:

Our prayers and good vibes are with 24-year-old Gabriela Cedillo from the Little Village neighborhood. She was an extra in the filming of Transformers 3 when she was hit in the head while filming the scene in Hammond, Indiana. She is listed in critical but stable condition at Loyola University Medical Center in Maywood.

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As always we are open to story ideas or if you come across news stories about Latinas email us the link at info@proyectolatina.org

06.20.10 Domingo Newsbytes

06.20.10 Domingo Newsbytes

A few weeks back I sat down with Luz Chavez, reporter for Gozamos.com and we talked about everything that Proyecto Latina does. If you have never attended but wondered, or better yet, if you joined us and now think its something your friend, prima or sister will like and can’t quite find a good way to explain what its all about–Luz captures it precisely. Hopefully then you will plan to join us tomorrow, June 21st for our first summer reading with Alicia Tellez of La Dulce Palabra. Bring something for the chisme box and note that we love to discover new talent via the open mic.

This week, we also posted our interview with architect Alicia Ponce. An interesting and bonus tidbit about Alicia Ponce is that she’s an alumna of Proyecto Latina, we featured her a few years back and besides leading the way in green construction with her consulting firm, I can personally vouch that she’s a pretty funny writer.

This past Thursday, I made it out to the Latina Leadership Council’s fundraiser for the Maria Mangual Unidas Fund, it included a special performance of Teatro Luna’s, Generic Latina 2010. After grabbing a quick bite and saying hello to a few friends I went to take my seat next to Diana when it occurred to me, “We went to see this show together the first time around.”

Diana’s eyes widened, “Oh my god, you’re right. Has it really been ten years?”

Yes, it has–and more on the play below–but first I gotta tell you that since then my Proyecto Latina co-founder, Diana Pando has been my personal oracle when I want to know about all Latin@ arts events taking place in this city. We recently started a conversation, that is still ongoing, about reviewing Latin@ theater that we hope to include you in on very soon.

Now speaking of reviews, back to Thursday night’s play. This summer, Miranda Gonzalez debuts as director of GL 2010 Not your Generic Latina, you can catch a review of the show here. That’s Diana in the comments section jumping into the conversation.

Also, in this week’s edition of Time Out Chicago, Theater editor, Kris Vire asks the following question about Tanya Saracho: “Why hasn’t a writer this talented gotten broader notice yet?” Believe me, we’ve been asking this question about a lot writers we know, Tanya’s answer is surprisingly simple and I hope escritoras will take note and carve out more time to nurture your art. Tanya also graced the cover of the same issue, I asked her what it felt like to be a cover girl, her response, “It feels like you wanna have that RuPaul ding in repeat WORK COVERGIRL.”

And while we are still on the topic of theater, I want to make sure to alert you to the project of another Proyecto Latina alumna, Yolanda Nieves‘ reading of her play-in-progress, Almost Broken will take place next Saturday, June 26th details below.  I had the opportunity to talk to to Yolanda some time back when she was mounting the first production of Vida Bella’s, The Brown Girls Chronicles, check it out.

And moving on to a completely different topic. I’ve read countless news stories on the hopeless situation in the Gulf of Mexico but there’s nothing like a well-told story to put some things into perspective. CNN posted this story as told by the survivors of the oil rig that ultimately lost 11 men the night of the explosion.  A haunting detail, one of the survivors says the following: “This well did not want to be drilled…It just seemed like we were messing with Mother Nature.”

That’s all for this week. Hope you are having a wonderful Father’s day!

5.29.10 Domingo Newsbytes

5.29.10 Domingo Newsbytes

Photo via Giulia Lasagni/MEDILL

It’s a gorgeous Sunday in Chicago! Hope you are lounging and getting ready to hang out with family and friends. Remember to take a moment to remember all of the men and women that are serving in the armed forces.

Our next Proyecto Latina is on Monday, June 21 @ 7pm @ Cafe Catedral in Little Village featuring Alicia Vega from Palabra Dulce. Look for the full details  later this week.

Now, here is this week’s Domingo Newsbytes:

More and more Latinas are converting to Islam. On Sunday’s  these women meet at the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview to study the Quran. Find out why more Latinas are turning to Islam.

On Saturday thousands of people converged in Arizona to march against the new immigration law that has caused much controversy. In an essay called Immigration Points That Make Me Sick , Reyna Amaya  shed’s some light on the immigration hysteria the many myths associated with immigration.

A few years back we met Gwen La Roca when we first featured her at Proyecto Latina . Now Gwen is on the move as a comedienne in Chicago.

Coming Soon:

An interview with Brazilian song bird Céu by Veronica Vidal

Latinas in the green work force: Interview with Green Architect Alicia Ponce by Liza Ann Acosta

Parents building community an interview with the E.D. of Telpochcalli Maria Velasquez  by Sany Minjares

Controlled Decay an interview with poet Gabriela Jaugueri by Diana Pando

Got Story Ideas? Let us know, we are pitchable! Info@proyectolatina.org or 312-498-4067

We are excited that Achy Obejas will have her own blog on Vocalo.org! It’s scheduled to go up in the next week. So check it out!  Speaking of Achy, she is part of Partner Dance Press and is putting together an online anthology. The deadline is coming up fast so remember to submit. Read more…

Playwright Tanya Saracho and friends are working to put together a Latino Theatre Directory to share with other theater companies looking for Latino talent. Send her your H/S and preferred method of contact along with title(s) / contact info? Send it to lasaracho@gmail.com

Domingo Newsbytes

Domingo Newsbytes

Tomorrow we pull out our Chisme Box and head over to Cedahlia’s for the next Proyecto Latina.  I am excited about our feature, Josie Dykas, she will be bringing us laughter via characters from her one-woman-show.  We hope you can join us.

I am particularly inspired by this weeks round-up of news links which all happen to be about women and inititatives in the Chicago area.  The Domingo Newsbytes is also getting posted a little later this Sunday because I spent the morning with family at a confirmation mass.  I was really captivated by the heart design on one of the stained-glass windows in the church–it reminds me of courage and hope.  Corazón, valor y esperanza: all fitting descriptions for the women below.

My name is Tania, and I’m undocumented The Coming Out of the Shadows Immigrants rights rally took place last Wednesday, undocumented youth “came-out” publicly and called on immigration reform and justice.  One woman leading the march was Tania Unzueta, profiled in the Tribune the same day. Columnist Mary Schmich  sums it up nicely, “Anyone who watches the march with an open mind will see that these young people aren’t aliens. They’re us. They are Chicago, and the immigration laws are squandering their energy and possibilities.”

The March issue of Contratiempo is dedicated to women and includes an article by Sandra A. Treviño, La Mujer en la Musica on the role that women play in the Latino music world.   Stephanie Manriquez provides a resourceful article regarding Mujer y Violencia.

Dare to Dream: exposing 8th grade Latina girls and their mothers to the benefits of higher education.

An important Latina history lesson via an event recap, the Windy City Times reports, “Chicago, in 1980, was not a friendly space for Latina lesbians, who saw a lack of public spaces.”  The article goes on to list some very important milestones and accomplishments that followed including a nod to Proyecto Latina co-founder Coya Paz.

Finally, get to know Maria Mendoza, part of the Salsation cast for CTRL+ALT+DEPORT and get ready for Tanya Saracho’s new play, El Nogalar.