06.27.10 Domingo Newsbytes

06.27.10 Domingo Newsbytes

This week I had an opportunity to attend the US Social Forum in Detroit and was able to attend many social justice workshops ranging from media, environment and immigration. The picture above is of a stained glass Native American image in one of the buildings I wandered into.

After one of the workshops at Wayne State University I crossed the street to the Detroit Institute of Art to see the Diego Rivera Mural. I felt like I was back in Mexico City seeing this mural and walked away feeling thankful to be able to see this mural in Detroit.

In another workshop I also had the opportunity to meet the moms and students over at Voz Mob who are doing incredible work mobilizing community and telling their story using cell phones. At that same workshop I got to meet Desi Burrell from the Media Mobilizing Project. I was super excited to hear about her Spanish language radio show and how she is taking the lead in creating a radio show for women in Philadelphia. Being in Detroit reinforced the importance of making sure we tell our stories with this in mind I’ve come back to Chicago inspired, full of energy and ready to crank Proyecto Latina up a notch.

While I was unable to attend this month’s Proyecto Latina at Cafe Catedral featuring Alicia Tellez Vega, I heard it was a wonderful success. Thank you for coming out and supporting!

We are also very excited that Sandra Posadas (Proyecto Latina April Feature) is going to be part of the Beast Women productions show. Read more…

Also, Sandra Trevino did a nice write up on Proyecto Latina on her blog for Enchufate called “Making Mondays Marvelous” Read more…

Here is this week’s Domingo Newsbytes:

10-year old Katherine Figueroa, who cried as she asked the Members of Congress assembled, “Please tell President Obama to stop putting parents in jail, all they want is a better life for their kids.” Latinas went to Congress this week to speak up and against the new Arizona law and the impact it is having on women and children.

Wanted: Latino Doctors, According to the Association of American Medical Colleges there aren’t enough Latino doctors in the U.S. to keep up with the growing Latino population. Latinos make up only 6% of students coming out of medical schools.

A new study by Chiara Sabina, Ph.D. and Dr. Carlos Cuevas on sexual assault among Latinas has been released with some interesting finds on sexual assault on Latinas in our communities. You can also download a copy of the report for an in-depth look at this issue.

On a local note I did come across the Chicago Tribune review by Nina Metz on Teatro Luna’s Generic Latina. What did you think of the show? Feel free to share your thoughts with Nina in the Trib’s comment section. I think it’s more important than ever for Latinas to be part of conversations happening in mainstream media and collectively amplify our voices. Also, if you haven’t checked out the Teatro Luna show go and support Latinas in the arts.

06.20.10 Domingo Newsbytes

06.20.10 Domingo Newsbytes

A few weeks back I sat down with Luz Chavez, reporter for Gozamos.com and we talked about everything that Proyecto Latina does. If you have never attended but wondered, or better yet, if you joined us and now think its something your friend, prima or sister will like and can’t quite find a good way to explain what its all about–Luz captures it precisely. Hopefully then you will plan to join us tomorrow, June 21st for our first summer reading with Alicia Tellez of La Dulce Palabra. Bring something for the chisme box and note that we love to discover new talent via the open mic.

This week, we also posted our interview with architect Alicia Ponce. An interesting and bonus tidbit about Alicia Ponce is that she’s an alumna of Proyecto Latina, we featured her a few years back and besides leading the way in green construction with her consulting firm, I can personally vouch that she’s a pretty funny writer.

This past Thursday, I made it out to the Latina Leadership Council’s fundraiser for the Maria Mangual Unidas Fund, it included a special performance of Teatro Luna’s, Generic Latina 2010. After grabbing a quick bite and saying hello to a few friends I went to take my seat next to Diana when it occurred to me, “We went to see this show together the first time around.”

Diana’s eyes widened, “Oh my god, you’re right. Has it really been ten years?”

Yes, it has–and more on the play below–but first I gotta tell you that since then my Proyecto Latina co-founder, Diana Pando has been my personal oracle when I want to know about all Latin@ arts events taking place in this city. We recently started a conversation, that is still ongoing, about reviewing Latin@ theater that we hope to include you in on very soon.

Now speaking of reviews, back to Thursday night’s play. This summer, Miranda Gonzalez debuts as director of GL 2010 Not your Generic Latina, you can catch a review of the show here. That’s Diana in the comments section jumping into the conversation.

Also, in this week’s edition of Time Out Chicago, Theater editor, Kris Vire asks the following question about Tanya Saracho: “Why hasn’t a writer this talented gotten broader notice yet?” Believe me, we’ve been asking this question about a lot writers we know, Tanya’s answer is surprisingly simple and I hope escritoras will take note and carve out more time to nurture your art. Tanya also graced the cover of the same issue, I asked her what it felt like to be a cover girl, her response, “It feels like you wanna have that RuPaul ding in repeat WORK COVERGIRL.”

And while we are still on the topic of theater, I want to make sure to alert you to the project of another Proyecto Latina alumna, Yolanda Nieves‘ reading of her play-in-progress, Almost Broken will take place next Saturday, June 26th details below.  I had the opportunity to talk to to Yolanda some time back when she was mounting the first production of Vida Bella’s, The Brown Girls Chronicles, check it out.

And moving on to a completely different topic. I’ve read countless news stories on the hopeless situation in the Gulf of Mexico but there’s nothing like a well-told story to put some things into perspective. CNN posted this story as told by the survivors of the oil rig that ultimately lost 11 men the night of the explosion.  A haunting detail, one of the survivors says the following: “This well did not want to be drilled…It just seemed like we were messing with Mother Nature.”

That’s all for this week. Hope you are having a wonderful Father’s day!

Domingo Newsbytes: 06.13.10

Domingo Newsbytes: 06.13.10

One of the things I was reflecting on recently, is how wonderful it is to see so many Latinas on the move. These women are always a great source of pride and inspiration and I’m delighted to be able to spotlight some of these women and the work they do.

This week our hermanas at the Chicago Foundation For Women’s Latina Leadership Council will be holding their summer fundraiser to raise funds for the Maria Mangual Unidas Fund @ Teatro Luna’s Generic Latina 2010 production on Thursday, June 17, @ 6:30 p.m. reception, 7:30 p.m. performance Chicago Dramatists Theatre. We hope to see you there! Register Today!

Our next Proyecto Latina is on Monday, June 21 @ 7pm @ Cafe Catedral in Little Village featuring Alicia Vega from Palabra Dulce. Read more…

Did you get a chance to check out the Céu interview by Veronica Vidal? Well if you haven’t check it out and discover the captivating music of Brazilian songbird Céu.

Partner Dance Press and is putting together an online anthology. The deadline is coming up this week so remember to submit. Read more…

Here is this week’s Domingo Newsbytes: Crude oil continues to gush in the Gulf of Mexico and spread to the coasts of Louisiana. Latinas are in the trenches of the clean-up efforts of the oil spill. These women are working hard to try to protect our environment. They’ve been working 12 hours a day unloading oil containment barriers, or “boom,” from trailers.  The “boom” forms a protective barrier around marshland to protect it from the waves of crude oil. While these jobs impact these Latinas economically there are concerns of reproductive health issues for women living or working near shoreline areas. Imagine if you are born in the United States of America and you are denied citizenship because your parents are undocumented? Crazy talk right? Well apparently not folks! Arizona Republicans will be introducing legislation this fall that would deny birth certificates to children born in Arizona – and thus American citizens according to the U.S. Constitution – to parents who are not legal U.S. citizens. This new proposed law is brought to you courtesy of the same person that created Senate Bill 1070 Sen. Russell Pearce, a Republican from the Mesa , AZ district. Action Steps You Can Take against this proposed law include: Writing Op-Ed pieces in your local newspaper, supporting organizations like MALDEF and American Civil Liberties Unions and other nonprofit organizations within Arizona you can also contact via  email to President Obama expressing your concern about this proposed legislation. Use your voice! If you have suggestions on what else we can all be doing collectively please share them in the comment section. (Image by: Jared Rodriguez )

On lighter note if you were one of the 9,000 people that watched the Mexico vs. South Africa soccer game than it will come as no surprise that this year’s second annual Siempre Mujer Magazine (June/July issue) has declared Rafa Marques as the Sexiest Soccer Player chosen by their readers. I have to say as I watched him score a goal he looked pretty good from where I was standing;) What do you think is he a Papucho or not?

This week I was walking around my neighborhood when I saw a little kid eating a Popsicle. I delighted at the thought of making my own popsicles this summer. I had seen the plastic Popsicle molds at the store and wanted to run out and get them.  Than I remembered that plastic is really bad for our planet. I thought of a poor dolphin choking on my plastic Popsicle molds (plastic doesn’t deteriorate) so I refuse to buy the plastic kind.  So what’s the alternative? Stainless steel popsicle molds! I found them on Fake Plastic Fish which is a website offering alternatives to plastic.

November Lunacy

November Lunacy

If we didn’t know better we’d say there is a full moon out! This week kicks off Teatro Luna’s full remount of LUNATIC(A)S – “We’ll Show You Crazy!” The insanity returns with new stories and more musical numbers.

“We are so excited to be revisiting this piece…this play is quintessentially Luna, it tackles our namesake, The Moon (La Luna) and places our true-life stories in the context of myths and superstitions about women, Latinas and the moon,” says Director Tanya Saracho.

Featuring some of your favorite Ensemble Members: Belinda Cervantes (Machos, S-e-x-Oh!) Maritza Cervantes (Machos, S-e-x-Oh!) Yadira Correa (Machos, S-e-x-Oh!, Jarred) Miranda Gonzalez (SîLO Tœ, Jarred) Suzette Mayobre (S-e-x-Oh!, SîLO Tœ) with Artistic Associate Maria Enriquez (S-e-x-Oh!: The Remix) and New Lunaticas Christina Nieves (S-e-x-Oh!: The Remix, The House on Mango Street), and Mari Stratton (The House on Mango Street)

For reservations / performance dates and times visit Teatro Luna.

Photography by Johnny Knight